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    Crafted rune of will needed

    I turned my songbook to max this morning. I was about to get it imbued and I noticed I didn't have a crafted rune inserted. I checked the AH but didn't find anything. Either I didn't do the search right or none were available. What I need is a crafted rune for a Minnie @ level 100. I was thinking either will or fate. I play on Arkenstone. I don't know what mats are required or even if I might have anything for one. I do not craft, I mostly just gather. Could someone sell me such a rune and what would the price be?

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    Any guilded Jeweller can craft a +50 Will relic for you. I believe Tailors craft Fate ones.

    If you have maxxed your guild crafting, you can craft a very nice will relic yourself that will give you extra mastery plus will. You buy the recipe from the Legendary Vendor and turn it in with the Guild Leader in exchange for the relic.

    Don't worry about imbuing - if your songbook is ready, go ahead and imbue and add the crafted relic afterwards

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    Does the jeweler have to be a high guilded? I have one but she isn't very high. I don't even know yet what she can make from the last time I played. I know she was in the guild and will have to check.

    Ok the only reason I was searching now for the crafted rune was because I thought I had to put one in before imbuing. Now that I know I can do it after I will go ahead and imbue the book. Thanks!

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    To craft the +50 will relics you would need to be fully guilded. Perhaps you can ask a friendly kinmate to craft one for you?

    Good luck with your imbuing



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