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    It is good to see you my Lady, I have missed thee.
    You have been always been in my mind ever since we've met. When my friends had all been distant, when my loneliness had reached it's peak, you were there to bring a warm light into my immortal life again. And for that you will always have my eternal gratitude.
    Though I fear that as of late many things have troubled me as well, the future for me is likened unto a dark tunnel with no end in sight. But worry not, tis but a small bump on a long winding road to the end.

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    Gi nathlam hí! Hiril vuin.

    The song: Blind Guardian Thorn.

    Na lû e-govaned vîn,Vanya Sulie.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SavileRow View Post
    Vanya, even though it looks like they took down the thread exposing you a CHEAT and a RANK FARMER, it's unlikely you will be garnering any respect for your PVP antics on Ark anymore, perhaps you should stick to RP stuff? or maybe transfer all your toons to another server and 'Pretend' you somehow earned those ranks.

    Just Saying.
    He doesn't need our respect. His own admiration is enough.
    I was the one that exposed him for his antics and I'll not stop till he's punished. Enough time had passed.

    Nope, still there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Decrepify View Post
    He doesn't need our respect. His own admiration is enough.
    I was the one that exposed him for his antics and I'll not stop till he's punished. Enough time had passed.

    Nope, still there!
    It's gone again, as has my reply to his vainglorious thread.....makes you wonder doesn't it?

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    I am going to release the single greatest and most massive Lord of the Rings Online screenshot compliation/Compedium fashioned by sole individual. Me. Tis beyond Mortal Comprehension. One can already search my IMGUR {Observe Signature Link} albums, but its rather messy so I shall comply and re-organise the screenshots appropriately. The original name was meant to be:
    Album name ~"The Arda Unmarred." Arda Unmarred (Q. Arda Alahasta or Arda Envinyanta "Healed") is a concept in Elvish religion and philosophy. It refers to Arda (the world) as it existed in a perfect state following its creation, as opposed to Arda Marred, the flawed world as it currently exists. Arda Unmarred was a world not yet tainted by the evil of Morgoth. This reflects the original intention of the creator, Eru Ilúvatar, and his servants the Ainur.

    The possibility of the separate Album is one of the options as well, to put the awe-inspiring&Stunning Landscape screenshots exclusively.

    Indeed, Because I wanted to select only the Landscape pictures,but I decided to Turn the tables and link nearly every single Lord of the Rings Online Screenshot taken across all of my characters almost since the very first day of the Account creation. It shall be simply called "VanyaQuenta"

    All of them were taken by me and me only. It is all there,The Every Region of Middle-Earth. Ranging from the Festival parties,Cosmetics,Epic book Quests,Landscape quests,Fellows,Random conversations,Mounts,Pets,Poin ts of interest,Housing,Fellows,Major towns,villages,Selfies,PvMP saga,Role-Playing,Places unbeknownst and so on..

    You shall never find more massive collection of truly extraordinary gorgeous,bizarre,breath-taking,dominating,powerful,All uring,masterfully captured Images. Fashioned with Ultimate with passion by Vanyalanathiriel Vanimelda High Queen of the Noldor and unquestionable love since December of 2016.

    The Older Links/Playlists in case you've missed them ~

    The Quenta Calaquendë ~

    ~ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...FPUZFDZLE_8Ihj

    The Lord of the Rings Online Shadows of Angmar the Ultimate Nostalgia Compilation

    ~ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...VDtxHHQtowg1_V

    The Desolation of Vanyalanathiriel PvMP Compedium {Incomplete} ~


    The Lord of the Rings Online Update 22: Legacy of the Necromancer Black Book of Mordor Chapter 5&6 Complete Walkthrough ~


    The Lord of the Rings Online Housing Personal Collection ~


    The Lord of the Rings Online Lore Series :The Ancient Master of Arda Plus Random {Unfinished}

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