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    Question Is freestyle music dead?

    Good morning all. I was reading the info available about the new fiddle being released soon in-game. That was always a big request from members of my freestyle band Symphonious "back in the day" (2013ish) and I'm so excited to finally see it come to fruition. I would love to be involved in a new freestyle music group but the interest seems to have waned over the years. Although I enjoy well-made ABCs as much as anyone, there's something unique about playing music live in-game, especially in a group setting. I definitely felt a great connection with my band members when we played together, since the music they made came directly from them in the moment of playing, and they were totally unique and irreplaceable in that sense. Playing live music in game also really resonates with the developers' original intentions in creating the music system in the first place.

    My question is this - is there any freestyle community left in LoTRO? My biggest worry is that this unique facet of the music community is becoming a "lost art" in some sense. If anyone has experience in this area and would be interested in taking it up again, please don't hesitate to get in touch. It would make my day to reconnect with some of these like-minded individuals within the community. Similarly, if you have no experience with freestyle music but are interested in learning, I would love to explore that with you. You can send me a message here, but the better way to contact me is in-game (Laurelin, character name Honory) or through the Laurelin RP discord server.

    Thanks for reading
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    freestyle and lag do not mix well

    Mortem Tyrannis

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    I played theorbo (bass) in a trio for a while back in 2007. It was a blast! The lead played melody on a lute, I'm not sure whether he used a plug-in keyboard or how he did it, and the third member played drum. It was simple, but fun.
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