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    What Happened, where is the action ?

    This server has seen many great days, the action used to be great before ( from 2007-2010 perspective and some to late 2013'ish)

    I have been away for quite long (In fact left the game totally) and did not see any of my friends from my kin-tribe except one very familiar face. We had a little chat.

    I have tried checking to see what's up and all i could see on a prime US-time was a few little spars and weak action compared to relative strenght of the old days.

    There used to be 2 full raids on each side, some soloers, mini groups, gankers etc.. In fact there used to be moments where all the mini groups, raids and gankers

    coordianted with each other. People used to grind for oil just to take advantage of damage it does on keep fights (TR fights were specifically epic)

    Other than raid leaders; There used to be ppl in groups with roles, some were handling the global coordination and some were handling the communication with other raid operator.

    The leaders were so busy that, we needed some sort of management to bypass all the details.

    Wargs used to scout around like crazy. In fact there used to be scouting team with their own leadership within the raid ! Some scouted keeps and some GV.

    There used to be fights in Isen as well ! I think people must have forgotten where Isendeep mine is

    Everynight stories were posted on forums (With pics), giving updates and whatnot..

    Gankers were seen as outlaws on both sides and you had that feeling of guilt.

    There were sort of player made rules and laws which people automatically followed somehow. There was an unofficial code that people on both sides followed.

    Unranked creeps were tutored, helped and assisted. They were taken and accepted into groups. Now they are viewed as garbage.

    There are a few more which I can translate no further. Maybe you can assist me.


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    Server merges, transfers, F2P, and people generally leaving the game.

    I've dabbled in and out the last few years, but it's not the same during the periods you were here.

    Bunch left at launch of GW2.

    Mass transfer to Brandywine or Arkenstone.

    Numbers dwindled.

    Not so sure who is out there anymore from the old groups.

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    Creeps get tired of being one and two shotted.

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    I've only been Moorsing for a few months, and only sporadically, but the most action I've seen lately was about a week ago, when we had about 15 freeps and 10 creeps parked at Grams. More often there's a 6v6 somewhere and a few rovers here and there, or just a few wargs/burgs looking for targets as the tumbleweeds blow by.

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    Tried logging in a few times but the community seems to have gone low. Not a lot of good folk to come by like before.

    A few fights at grams, usually a few creeps feeding themselves to jumping EZ 40k average damage stuff. Not calling them freep either.


    It does not matter who I am but what I have become

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    The tired finale of LOTRO PvMP at grams was forecasted a long time ago. I'll reference a post I made 4 years ago explaining the downfall of quality PvMP gameplay described from your original post. https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...t=#post7116936
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    It really began to die about a year ago (?) Can't remember, but it was whenever they introduced the Beorning. Taking keeps is laughable. Freeps can solo them on any class, the same with outposts. Now I hear that hunters can kill people who spawn in the rez circles without even pulling the one-shots. It just seems to be getting worse, and creeps aren't getting any work done on them. The whole system needs to be revamped completely. But it seems that SSG is even slower than Turbine was, and less inclined with feedback.
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