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    Quote Originally Posted by kickman77 View Post
    Do you have to pay for that? Asking honestly because I am looking for something new to play and im getting Bored with STO and Lotro just aint doing it for me anymore. I am tired of being lied to, feeling cheated out of my money and not looked at as a valued customer
    All depends on the server. The biggest cost, and risk is that at any point it can close and all your progress is wiped. Also some servers have sites that are full of viruses. There’s a subreddit called wowservers that’s a good starting point.

    But yeah, playing vanilla wow is like going back in time and quite refreshing.
    It must be your PC...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daenith View Post
    Yet, the time and effort was made to put a quest in the game (no matter how insignificant) which makes you buy that blasted flame of whatever, I'll call it the "Ash Making Stone", and then instructs you on how to make ash. And let's not forget all the ash barter NPCs located throughout Mordor. I've give anyone the benefit of the doubt once, but this habit of talking with the forked tongue has got to stop cause quite honestly, that dog ain't huntin' no more.
    And the latest notes state . . . .

    • The amount of Ash of Gorgoroth dropped from Gorgoroth Steel-bound Lootboxes has been increased."

    So much for ash being a non primary barter option and wanting players to earn gear through doing content.
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