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    Tactical Damage Rating Scaling

    Just a friendly minstrel here! I'll be quick to admit: I only have one capped character so far, and only have two imbued level one-hundred first age weapons, one for a hunter and one for a minstrel.
    However, I'm rather concerned about the large disparity in DPS versus tactical damage rating.
    I sifted through a lot of the forums, but have been unable to find any addressing this since Mordor beta. There was a single post comparing DPS to tactical damage rating in that beta, and while DPS legacies on imbued weapons increased by around 60%, tactical damage rating increased in the same linear fashion as in Gondor (around 5-10%).
    Has there been any discussion as to why this is the case? Have the devs released any intent to fix this, or explanation as to why it hasn't been fixed?
    As it stands, this is an extreme imbalance between physical DPS classes and tactical damage classes that is entirely unnecessary, and seems easily fixable. I don't think this type of handicap to only specific classes makes any sense.

    Have any other tactical damage classes seen this? If so, is it not as big a deal as it seems, or are tactical damage classes just getting a huge, unjustified and lopsided nerf going into Mordor?

    Any news/thoughts appreciated.

    ~A concerned plucker of harp-strings

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    Rare/incomparable vanguard Enchantment(dps) or binding(healing) runes help a lot and close the gap considerably.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happychappy View Post
    Rare/incomparable vanguard Enchantment(dps) or binding(healing) runes help a lot and close the gap considerably.
    yep, just farm the hardest endgame content or buy those runes for thousands of gold and you get the buff that physical classes get for just applying crystals/mithrilcoins on their weapons on entering Mordor with lvl105. Not an issue, really. [/sarcasm off]
    So no, we heard nothing from the devs on why it is as it is. But one dev wrote a comment that he is aware of the ILI system not aging well and that he knows they will have to work on the system in the "not so distant future".
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