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Thread: SSG help

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    SSG help

    Hello my lovely community. Me need help! I'm created ticket in https://help.standingstonegames.com/hc/en-us/ 6 days ago, BUT i cant seen answer for my ticket. My account has been banned, how i cant un/b him? Why ssg cant answer? Help pls

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    What did you do to get banned?
    Depending on the infraction, you might be out of luck with the account that got banned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EB64 View Post
    What did you do to get banned?
    Depending on the infraction, you might be out of luck with the account that got banned.
    Hi. One way or another I need to receive an answer from the administration, I want to know the reason, and I want to know how to remove the ban, but there is no answer

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    Normal web support is very slow. Like one calendar week or longer. Ban inquiries and appeals going to take even longer. SSG will not discuss bans on the forums. It has to be handled via the web help system by the account owner.

    Give it one week. No response. Put in another ticket referencing the previous ticket number asking for a status / tentative response date.

    Generally what happens is that an account that receives a timed ban like 1 day, 3 days, one week. The ban expires and the account goes active again long before the owner gets anything from the ban appeal / ban inquiry ticket.

    It is only the really long bans like one month or permanent. That you get a response.

    Unfortunately, ban appeals have a very low chance of success. Online game company customer service is very careful to only apply bans to accounts that have broken the rules. If you do get a ban appeal success. The ban manual gets updated. The game master that made an error gets additional training so as to NOT make a invalid ban the next time.

    My personal opinion. The biggest problem with account bans and appeals is how the system is organized. You have one person that is patrol person (catcher), detective (investigator), jury (guilt determination) and judge (punishment assignment). When you appeal, you are appealing to the coworkers and bosses. All of whom are unlikely to have a different opinion on your situation. There is a huge inertia to overcome to reverse.

    It is not like the American system where there are a bunch of people involved. In our system, there is a policeman, detective, prosecutor, judge, jury, defensive lawyer. It is much more difficult to be convicted. You get convicted and sentenced. You can appeal to a new judge who not a part of the original group. Even so, once convicted in the USA, it is really hard to over turn. Again you run into the massive inertia..
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    Thank you for this big information, but my account has been banned permanently, and I waiting answer.
    I cant login on my account in https://lotro.com/en/auth/login and https://myaccount.turbine.com/index.php I look error >> INCORRECLTY PASSWORD OR LOGIN
    But i can reset my password and set a new password from my mail, and when i have new password and when I try login in https://lotro.com/en/auth/login and https://myaccount.turbine.com/index.php I'm AGAIN look error >> INCORRECLTY PASSWORD OR LOGIN and error >> Sorry! We couldn't authenticate your login information. Please try again.
    Idontknow ###, and I waiting answer for my ticket.
    I made a lot of attempts to reset the password, every time a letter comes.



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