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    Urgent World-Building Request- Devs Please Read


    I would draw attention to this lovely snippet before I begin:

    "MMO-C: Yeah, I’ve got my inventory maxed out on many toons. (laughter) In the producer’s letter, you mentioned adventuring into the Noman-lands near the Black Gates and areas closer to the Dead Marshes, which already exists in-game as an instanced area tied in with the Dol Amroth update. Much like how the eastern and western sides of the game were eventually made passable at the Fords of Isen, are you looking at connecting the Brown Lands to Emyn Muil and the Battle Plains so that players could ride straight from Lorien to Mordor. How is that going to pan out, and most importantly, will it be made possible to do a chicken run from the Shire to Mount Doom?

    Snook: If the answer is no, I’m going to push back on it.


    Libby: I know there are people looking at connecting the Battle Plain with the Dead Marshes. I’m actually not sure if people took it the natural rest of the way to, say, connect the Brown Lands to the Dead Marshes. But that is a thing that I think we would want to encourage, so it makes sense to me that we should. We recently connected North Ithilien and South Ithilien after all, which are sort of in different regions of the game so those are a connecting portal. I’m in favor of adding connecting portals wherever we can to make a seamless world."

    Alrighty. Now, I know we all got very excited with Mordor, and pressed far beyond the Wastes.

    I also know that, from the current Producer's Letter, we are going to go "very FAR" from the Wastes.

    Now, then. I've entitled this an "Urgent World-Building Update Message" to specify its urgency. From a perspective of other current issues in Mordor, or from other perspectives, it probably won't seem as urgent- and it probably isn't.

    But, from a World-Building perspective, it is, because this important intention from a Jan. 31st 2017 interview did fall by the wayside, and probably by mistake, is my guess.

    So, I have a very important request for the Team. First, KUDOS!!! For adding the Reflecting Pools to the Wastes and to Gorgoroth in one of the more recent BR builds. That addition is what gives me hope for this one:

    -----------------------------------------------------Can someone please connect the Wastes and the Dead Marshes with a portal in an upcoming Bullroarer Build??????????????????????------------------------------------------------------------

    But the current Dead Marshes can only be reached by an Elf in the Cave of the Avorrim (which also urgently needs a stablemaster- as the long trek from DA to the Cave is an inconvenience that probably makes many players skip the Dead Marshes, which has otherwise delightful content, especially with its Frodo, Sam, and Gollum session-plays).

    I'd prefer for that point of contact to be made. A player should at least be able to flounder through the Dead Marshes, enter the Wastes, and then enter Mordor and vice-versa. Please, MoL, fulfill your intention- "to make a seamless world."
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    Quote Originally Posted by MadeOfLions View Post
    When Siege of Mirkwood was added, the Mirkwood Landing required a portal. Otherwise swimming across would put you in pre-Landing Mirkwood.

    In the case of the Fords of Isen, this is because when Helm's Deep was being made, the subsequent update was to have Flooded Isengard, which wasn't made yet. Once Flooded Isengard was in-game, I added the connection so you could go from Unflooded->Westfold and from Flooded->Dunland. Helm's Deep was added in Update 12, and the Fords of Isen were connected in Update 13.

    I'd like for the Wastes to connect to the Dead Marshes, but I haven't found the time to champion this yet. I've been awfully busy with the Black Book of Mordor!

    I don't remember this one, but I do know we don't like making temporary connections. If we know we're going to fill in the landscape in between and it's on the schedule, we'd prefer not to put in teleports that we'll just need to remove later.


    Well MoL, thank you for your efforts, as always.

    Black Book of Mordor feels very promising, and enjoyable so far, and there's another issue I should note as well, concerning Southern Mirkwood: Its had some -severe- graphical issues for quite some time, maybe even since Rohan. Many of the distant imposters don't work, especially around the Haunted Inn area in Dourstocks as well as Emyn Lum, some of the larger trees are poorly digitized (you can literally see the squares that make-up the graphics), and of course, when Lothlorien entered the Allegience System, a small little part of the Dourstocks was updated specifically for the session-play (*a wonderful spot, but it really makes Southern Mirkwood's graphical problems that surround that corner rather... glaring). Might want to pass this along to whoever is in charge of this: that little corner of the Dourstocks is how Mirkwood -should- feel as a whole. Its relevant to address some of these matters because... in the world-building process, it would not prove good if South Mirkwood's graphical problems (even with all my settings at the highest graphics) ended-up in Northern Mirkwood as well.

    As far as the Dead Marshes goes, it would prove good for maybe an "interlude" update at some point beyond, say, Minas Morgul, maybe even including Emyn Muil. Remember that "Bumbling Fellowship" in the East Wall from Cair Andros? Well, it would be just heart-sickening, after their fun challenge against the Uruk-hai and the Grim Southron Nazgul, who gave the infamous line, "I'll turn you into paste!", for it to have turned-out that Hestil, Draftli, and all the rest of them, ended-up murdered by Suhalar in Cair Andros. What if it turned-out, that when they eventually found each other -again- and went to the Sutcrofts to try to cross Rohan, they were barred at entry due to some petty decree from Wormtongue, and instead, sought to dare to cross Emyn Muil? Then, we just might find that "Bumbling Fellowship" got appropriately lost, still unable to find its way out, running low on provisions, with Frodo and Sam session-play's (and Gollum session plays) tossed-in there along the way. We can then inform that Fellowship of Gondorians and a Dwarf that they were actually quite fortunate -not- to have made it back to Cair Andros before the War ramped-up, that Cair Andros has been reclaimed, that there is a King in Gondor, and I can hear Draftli now saying: "Aye! So that 'Grim Southron' ran afoul of that fire-mountain and got... turned into paste? Ha! Ha!"

    So, obviously, this suggestion's not for any update in the immediate future- but certainly worth taking a "rain-check" on the "back-burner," and keeping it in there for a future "Interlude" like the Dead Marshes was (and then, East Wall can be streamlined-connected to the Emyn Muil, the Emyn Muil to the Dead Marshes and maybe even Wetwang (Wetwang to Far Anorien?), and the Dead Marshes to the Wastes). There's more than one way to shift a sub-plot to make a zone (And if Draftli is a White Mountain Dwarf- there could well be a vector to Anfalas in the farther future- where I presume Ondor's (That wonderful Dwarf from the Heathfells in Rise of Isengard) Dwarven folk dwell as well; remember, we still have to fulfill our promise to Lord Golasgil from the Battle of the Morannon! Perhaps... after Minas Morgul?).

    Truth be told, all the current issues with Mordor aside, I'm still very excited. My favorite parts of the game remain A- the Story and B- the world-building. I look forward to the journey
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    Apologies for a little bit of a necro, but I thought this would be an appropriate place to thank the devs for connecting the Dead Marshes and the Wastes with a portal. I'm glad the anniversary quest gave you the excuse you needed to add this in!

    To continue to ensure a contiguous world, portals/landscape in these places should also be considered:

    - Lothlorien up to the Vales of Anduin (although I feel this may appear as landscape in the future at some point)
    - Vales of Anduin connected to the Western Forest Gate
    - Vales of Anduin landscape to connect to the Misties - if we get the zone here, it would be good to get three points at which it connected: the Northern High Pass, the Southern High Pass and through Goblin Town.
    - It sounds like Gundabad is coming in U23, so perhaps a connection from Angmar's Rift area to Gundabad?
    - Southern Mirkwood to Northern Mirkwood (no need to build all that forest in the middle, just build the Anduin corridor as landscape to give us a sense of scale!)
    - Dead Marshes to Amon Lhaw (possibly with Emyn Muil landscape?)
    - Ered Luin/Forochel
    - Southfarthing/Tharbad zones, to connect up the King's Road from Andrath to Windfells, plus the Southern Shire
    - Tower Hills/Far Downs (these last two suggestions can come with Scouring/post-Scouring!)

    I'm sure there are more, but can't think of any at the moment!
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    I agree with this list- although, don't forget the Gladden Fields!!!

    From Lothlorien to Gladden Fields to Vales of the Anduin to Beorning-lands to the Grey Mountains (from Gladden Fields to the Narrows / Rhosgobel- home of Radagast the Brown; don't need all the forest- but definitely Radagast's home and the home of the woodsmen! From Vales of the Anduin to Eagles' homes in the Misties / Misties / High Pass / Goblin-Gate; from Grey Mountains to Angmar via Gundabad, definitely).

    Also, a big yes to a possible Emyn Muil area- that would be cool. Really, between Minas Morgul / Shelob's Lair, Emyn Muil, and the Gladden Fields area, it'll complete the tale of Smeagol / Gollum in pretty cool ways- as well as all the places members of the Fellowship traveled-through throughout the books during their journey

    Indeed, thank's Dev's for the Dead Marshes - Wastes connection!!! Thanks MoL for championing it!!! Yay!!!
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    I think the Anduin Corridor - up from Lothlorien to Gladden Fields-Vales of the Anduin-Beorning Lands-Upper Anduin-Gundabad is on the roadmap now. If the fall update is Gundabad, I can see them turning downward toward Loth in the next updates, hopefully before we go to Rhun.

    I can see them holding the connect from Breeland to Enedwaith, or any of the southern Eriador/Minhiriath/Western Dunland landmass as one of last xpacs of this game.

    Hoping for Brownlands/Emyn Muil/Wastes someday.



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