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    Dungeons of Naerbrand Feedback Br Build 4

    I want to give a little feedback on the changes on the 6 man instance Dungeons of Naerbrand.

    Trash between first and last boss got reduced, but only a little.
    That could be way more since the trash grps are still super boring.

    At the end of the dungeon part we get an extra chest:Yes that is working.

    The last boss is reworked and doable now:

    Sadly we were not able to test the fight on t2c, so I can only give feedback on a few mechanics on tier 1:

    Thraknuls and flame spirits aoe dmg got reduced again:That was never any problem and is quite a useless change.
    Thraknul is resetting less and is getting stuck less:I hope that is working but:A boss fight fight mechanic never should be around kiting the main boss 100% of the time to avoid stupid mechanics.
    If he is not unactivateable anymore you atleast don't need a gm anymore to complete this instance.

    What I can say anything about:How chain of mallice is now working.

    The main problem is:
    The teleport at the 6 addwaves is still a rng mess.
    It was intended that the person in a 40m range to the boss can get teleported if he is not the tank.
    That is not working at all,multiple people got teleported while staying 50m+ away from the boss.

    On top of that(since we were testing t1) when you don't free the person on the cage he will/can get teleported from one to another cage.
    That's not working as intended and a little stupid.

    So if you want to make T2C possible:

    1:remove the rng on the teleport that you can control who is getting teleported 100% of the time!

    2:remove the rng/rndm shadow tiering over time or atleast explain the mechanic behind it!

    3:I hope that chain of mallice is not oneshoting people anymore,otherwise the mechanic is stupid aswell,specially for non minmax people

    4:Implement the most/best loot on t2/t2c chests from last boss.There should be a reason to run this 6man.
    50-100% chance for incomparable runes for t2c chest(specially if you implement the lock system) would be at least fair.

    5:If you really fixed all mechanics you should implement something that you are not able to kite the boss 100% of the time.
    With kiting you are able to ignore nearly all mechanics from the boss(chain of mallice,bleed,aggro debuff,aoe stun).
    At this moment people use the kiting strat to do that fight on live, because it's not possible in other ways on a good non rng level!

    Summary:I really hope you will continue doing changes to this boss,otherwise nearly no one is doing the whole instance.
    Silent street and even dome of stars were way better examples of a good and balanced 6 man instance people were at least playing.
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