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    [BW] Wardens of the Dunedain LF end-game raiders & PvMP'ers

    Wardens of the Dunedain (WotD) is looking for players interested in T2 raiding and PvMP. We value competence and people that are willing to learn and improve. We accept all previous raiding experience/gear/level/account status, as long as you have an attitude that displays a desire for growth. Currently have all T2C AoM complete and are focused on running older content to minimax from gear sets. We are a 6 month old raiding kin and we pride ourselves on the accomplishments so far. If you are looking for an exciting place that is bustling with potential and passion for lotro, give us a shout out and look below on how to contact an officer.

    Times: Raids: 11 PM (GMT +4) Mon-Fri - 3 PM (GMT+4) Sat/Sun
    PvMP: 1 PM (GMT +4) | 7-12 PM (GMT +4) - select nights | TBA (scheduled matches vs other creep tribes on server)

    Discord and Combat Analysis is mandatory for raiding with us.

    If you are interested and want more information reach out to an officer.

    How to contact:

    Forums Private Message: This account (Will respond in 1-3 days)

    In-game mail or tell: Aelochai/Tychonir/Elokai/Arilvoth/Blube/Bighence/Calundal/Zexfor/Zabrams

    Discord: Elochai#3604 | blube#2606 | Arilvoth#5900 | bighence17#5815 | cal/shrang#7048 | Les†#6998
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    WotD is open to all players that want to raid and PvMP simply contact an officer.

    For those whom want to pursue a competitive raiding and PvMP atmosphere with the 1st string, we are looking for Beorning/Hunter/Burg mains - all other classes would be under competition through consistent DPS analysis tests + experience + demonstrated skill level.

    For those that are not looking to be the most competitive, we still offer a friendly environment and plenty of opportunity to participate in raids w/ high % chance of clear for deed clear, enjoying content, etc (insert reason for playing lotro end-game content)



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