I recently returned to LOTRO after a long break. I wanted to subscribe but when I try to a add PayPal account as my payment method the following happens:

I log in, open the store, find and click the button to add a payment method, I click on the PayPal icon and then the game minimizes, browser opens with a message saying that there are no payment methods available for me. This only happens when I click the PayPal icon, when I click on the option to add a card, a screen appears to enter the card details. I have a debit card connected to a PayPal account, verified of course and have been using PayPal without any issues to buy subscription for other games in the past and I do prefer to use PayPal.

Does anyone know what this error is about? I've read that there were issues with PayPal in the past, but that was supposed to be fixed?

Any kind of help is very welcome