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    Delicious Crispy Bacon

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    Hobbit breakfast

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    upon the Western shores at the foot of the Rockies
    A lovely cup of Red Tea for me to start the day's adventures.

    Only in Carn Dum you say? Pity...

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    Tastiest food?

    Smeagol's famous Vermin-Stew!
    -With plenty of juicy maggotses... (nom-nom)

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    Everybodee knows the best-tasting food in all of Lord of the Rings is a complete hobbit breakfast!

    ...followed by a second complete hobbit breakfast shortly afterwards!

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    The cursed cheese! It's quite too mature for some tastes but I like it.

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    What is the best-tasting food in Lord of the Rings Online?

    dwarf liver stew on a bed of rotten maggots with blood sauce

    - Chop the dwarf liver into medium sized chunks, mash the maggots to death, stuff the liver with the maggots and let it rest for a whole day

    - Prepare the sauce by adding orc draught in a big hot pot (either bought at the mordor store or selfmade by catching humans and minsing their meat and blood together to a fine pulp), add in some spider venom to give it a spicy taste (to your liking) and a few hobbit feet of the town of scary for a silent aroma of camembert
    - Bind the sauce with rotten potatoes stolen from the hobbit farmers at the ettenmoors

    - Take the pot to mount doom to get it right on temperature (about 50 feet above the lava surface) and let it cook further for about 2 hours

    After that it's time to eat boys!

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    "One small bite could fill the stomach of a grown man"
    Is this the real life? Is it just fantasy?

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    Serene Stew. I still keep the one I found in North Downs 9 years ago.

    "Tasting this stew makes you think of all the things that are still good in Middle-earth, like... this stew!"

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    Superior Pork Chops! (if we could eat with some rice ... )

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    The best tasting food in LOTRO is Phial of Aged Blood of Man.

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    Thumbs up What is the best-tasting food in Lord of the Rings Online?

    B e e r . . . our liquid bread . . .

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    The best-tasting food in LOTRO is Seed Cake!

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    The best tasting food in lotro is crispy beacon, I mean BACON :P
    ... though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater.

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    Happy holidays!! Jumping back into middle earth after years of absense ???????? Does server choice make or break the gameplay now? I’m on crickhollow

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    *Obviously* the best food is grilled Barrow-Brie on Lembas!
    Just don't tell Samwise you ate the last of his Lembas and you'll be ok...

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    Delicious Crispy Bacon!

    It reminds you it's delicious!
    Lonely Mountain Meercats, On Crickhollow:
    Wenslydale (Hobbit Burglar), Leolwyn (Woman Hunter), Naniavas (Elf Loremaster), Chalcedoney (Hobbit Guardian), Aradeith (Beorning), Gydis (Dwarf Runekeeper)

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    Quote Originally Posted by CladInShadows View Post
    Happy holidays!! Jumping back into middle earth after years of absense ???????? Does server choice make or break the gameplay now? I’m on crickhollow
    Servers are only different based on language and whether it's a roleplaying-supporting server. No particular difference in gameplay, though Arkenstone seems to have pulled a lot of PvP players.

    On to the comment at hand...

    The best food in Middle Earth is Dale-Men's Crams. It's food that you can get for free just by logging in! No other food does that. Monty Python even wrote a song about it... cram cram cram cram...

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    Weekly Question 35

    None. It's all virtual and cannot be tasted so no comparisons can be made. But even if one could, there are just too many choices to narrow down to just "one" pick. Besides, what if a character hasn't actually been everywhere to sample the local cuisine? Unless and until a single character has been everywhere and eaten at least one of everything, any 'top pick' would be meaningless, as the 'true' top pick may not have been found, yet.
    "...At least it tells us they understand our language; they're just not willing to speak to us in it. -Who knew they were French?"

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    What is the best-tasting food in Lord of the Rings Online?

    Complete Hobbit Breakfast

    "Mushrooms, bacon, eggs and potatoes. Who could ask for more?"

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    Bang, crackle, pop!

    What is the best tasting food? Anniversary fireworks of course!

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    Westement coffee - drink and sustenance in one.............also reason why westemnet warsteeds are so fast, because yes, even horses drink coffee in Rohan and sometimes rubberband as a result.

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    I agree.

    The coffee is the best. You can dunk your cram into as well to help it go down easier.
    Not all those who wander are lost. - Tolkien

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    The bestest food:

    neeps and tatties, tastes great and always gets a chuckle from the name.
    Wash them down with Wooly foot stout, you really can't go wrong.

    Some of the descriptions are very witty.

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    4 Wending Way, Berrybridge Neighborhood in the Shire Homesteads
    Well, I'm an average hobbit. I always start the day bright and early with a big bowl of eggs n' onions. After plucking the weeds in my flower garden, I nibble a few scones slathered in strawberry jam. For lunch, nothing beats a beef turnover! You can pack it in your sack and it's a proper snack no matter where in the fields you might be working. Of course, I head home mid-afternoon for some red tea and a few tarts. Raspberry and blueberry are my favorites. After mid-afternoon tea, it's off to the market. There's quite a selection of tasty things to be had at the Michel Delving market, you know! You really ought to go have a look. For dinner, I prefer to keep the meal light with perhaps a piece of baked flounder or a toad-in-the-hole. I like to spend time reading in the evenings until supper. Mostly, I'm thumbing through recipe books I "borrow" from the Great Smial. Supper is always the heaviest meal of the day. Why? Well, I can't eat and sleep at the same time, and it's a long time till morning! Did I ever tell you that I make a superior pear glazed roast venison? Well, I do... if I do say so myself! Along with a mug of Shire Spice Ale and a large wedge of Bilberry Pie, I say goodnight to another beautiful day in Middle Earth. After supper, I sit in my favorite chair, hewn of the willow branches o'erhanging the pond near my home. There I sit with a pipe of Old Toby by the water's edge, watching the darters skipping close to the surface.

    ...Oh, my most FAVORITE food of all? Well, I 'spose that would be Shire Porridge! It seems a simple thing, doesn't it? A meager porridge of oats when so many other delectable dishes can be made. But on those rainy, dreary days or when travelling far from home, a simple porridge chases the chill away and warms your heart with good times, good friends, and good memories.
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    Home: 4 Wending Way, Berrybridge Shire Homesteads


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