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    Quote Originally Posted by Skullsquasher View Post
    chinese and russian servers did it long ago, looks like fun




    EU/US servers never did cause it wasnt allowed because of different license agreements :/
    damn the chinese know how to make videos and run a business

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    Quote Originally Posted by 007Squanto View Post
    I'd be fascinated to know how it is that you know that most people don't want it.

    I'd also be interested to know how you've been gifted information about their budgetary restraints when no one else knows these things, and how exactly entire multi-boss raids can be developed along with newly designed zones and quests when apparently they lack the resources to allow creep passage into new zones. O.o fascinating stuff here.

    The game engine can easily allow it, session play npc's have been grafted in and out of the regular map many times by the devs. Know a little bit about the "engine" before asserting what it is and isn't capable of. Creeps were literally allowed to roam free in Eregion during a special event long ago...

    "Play a different game" is always a really intelligent addition to any discussion.

    I don't want carebear noobs to get farmed mercilessly, I want them to avoid those zones or tread carefully through them as we once had to do when the landscape was difficult, and I want that risk as well. You take your enjoyment from clubbing npcs while semi-afk, I derive it through a risk/reward dynamic, and if we're hazarding guesses about which is the more common penchant, I'd say the majority of people are more excited by the latter. But that's just a guess.
    This idea has come up before, more than once and each time it was never even considered for implementation because there was a public outcry that most players hated the idea! It only seems to appeal to a small minority of players and as such is not worth the time and effort needed to implement a special system to allow them to wander around in a world that doesn't want them and where they need to be prevented from affecting the majority of players.

    I'm sure that if it has now become an overwhelmingly popular idea then this thread will be swamped with demands to implement it, but I'm not holding my breath.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calta View Post
    Yep! That's me. Worst PvP minstrel ever. Only ever traited blue. Rank 9 entirely through heals. 400MS latency, 6 year old laptop with 15 inch screen and I'm riddled with arthritis. Haven't PvPed for 2 years....And I'm still famous!
    Who'd 've thunk it :P
    Nobody asked for your resume. All I said was that you played minstrel, didn't even mention pvp.

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    Firstly this is all just purely fun theoretical what-if talk because SSG has actually managed to care less about PvP than turbine did (with the possible exception of Vastin's recent efforts, but the lag is still gonna make it unplayable). But I'll throw my two cents in.
    To everyone saying that the majority of the population now wouldn't want this. You're right. Because turbine and then SSG catered to a demographic that wanted easy gameplay and no risk and while the population of lotro took a deep dive that demographic became the majority. This isn't coincidence btw. Turbine and then SSG turned away the players who wanted real challenge and the population of the game went into free fall (there were other issues too of course such as big battles, an entire expansion without a raid and poor server performance).
    In the actual spirit of discussion of this idea I think it'd have been awesome to see a system implemented like what WoW is about to do in BFA. Which is to create a flagging system where you turn your flag for PvP on in the capital city of your faction (say, Bree or Gramsfoot) and then you're instantly layered into the same shard as every other person on the game who's flagged. They're also adding +XP and Rep/loot to incentivize people to flag and take on that extra risk. Lotro doesn't have the pop to sustain it now but it would've been interesting at it's peak. It would've allowed open world PvP for creeps in freeps in all of middle earth while simultaneously disallowing the griefing of non-pvpers. All fairly pointless to talk about but fun to theorize.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kraswood View Post
    The idiocy is strong in this fanboy.
    thanks! you r noted!
    10 years lotro enthousiast, Loyal member of the Spartans Kinship, now in Evernight imigrants from Eldar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ionlyzerg View Post
    Nobody asked for your resume. All I said was that you played minstrel, didn't even mention pvp.
    you r refering to a person n you have problem to hear his thoughts?
    fanatics do no good to this game.........
    10 years lotro enthousiast, Loyal member of the Spartans Kinship, now in Evernight imigrants from Eldar

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    I wouldn't mind fighting creeps in some zones outside the moors

    But ultimately I think that giving people more incentive to participate in PVMP would be preferable. I know many of my kin would quit playing if they had to deal with random creeps on the landscape.

    I don't want to hijack this thread with ideas on how to make pvmp more rewarding for freepside, but I think if you want to see an improved experience in the ettenmoors, then making some small changes to that zone would get more people involved.

    Not sure if that was the goal of the thread afterall, but maybe it is more fruitful to discuss than opening the world to monster players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valakircka View Post
    fanatics do no good to this game.........

    I'll let you think on that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spilo View Post
    Just compare the level of effort required to PvE compared to any other game. The game has gotten significantly easier since I started playing, even if that was relatively easy to you. There was a Champion who was "famous" for leveling up to Moria with using nothing but auto-attacks.
    Well first of all, my claim was that it doesn't matter how easy it is as long as there are people who find it worthwhile while also insinuating that you were TERRIBLE BACK IN THE DAY!!! lol (and thus thought stuff was more challenging than it really was - note that I was also was more terrible during early 75), but seriously, I don't think the actual epic game knowledge needed is much different now compared to then.

    (But again I think RoR in general is just a bad example as anything other than Isengard landscape was filled with squishy targets at least for battle mages and champions. I'm just nitpicking whilst lurking LOTRO forums now and then, trying to strike up a conversation! Liked your video, the classic "look at my hands as I play the game"!)

    As for comparing to other MMOs, well I haven't actually seriously played any others and I think that's one of the better decisions I've made!

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    I'm a Ultima Online veteran of the days before Trammel. I remember what it is to go around having to keep an eye out for PKs.

    In my experience, those players who want PvP will go looking for it, and those who don't just won't. So it's good to have a specific region for PvP. You want to PvP, just go there. You don't, then don't show up.

    Forcing people to PvP when they don't want to is not good for any player base.

    On the side, if there was an option for turning PvP on/off outside the moors, then monster players would just not be able to attack and damage those who don't want to PvP. On the other hand, it would probably ruin Bree, the Shire and all those havens of the Free Peoples.


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