Sort of necro post but...

The imbued weapon DOES grow with you in that you no longer need to deconstruct it and get another one every few levels.

These days, of course nobody will bother to get a maxed out a lvl 75 LI cause in less than a week they will be lvl 80+ and lvl 85 TA without scrolls/crystals would beat out a fully tricked out lvl 75 FA. But how it was when cap was 75 for quite a while? This is what people would do. Get a new LI, add in 7th legacy, take all legacies to tier 6, up max item xp lvl to 70, apply 3 star-lits, apply IXP, title, relics. Then come new expansion, process restarts. Scrolls, crystals, yada yada yada. Oh and scrolls/crystals were new ones each time. You could not farm content 10 levels below you to get them.

With imbue, it is easier. You still need to feed it scrolls of empowerment, star-lits and IXP as you go, but you no longer need to worry about hoarding those legacy scrolls, remembrance crystals, delving scrolls, relic reclaims, worry about where you get an FA symbol or weapon. And the scrolls/crystals needed are still the Anfalas ones meaning I can greystomp lvl 100-105 content on my lvl 115.