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    yes plz need to make more essences

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    A piece of string slithers into the Prancing Pony and says to Butterbur, "I'll have a mug of your best ale, Bar-keep".

    Butterbur shakes his head and replys, "We serve all sorts in here, but we do not serve string".

    The string, crestfallen, slithers back out the door.

    A few moments later, the string returns, contorted and looking ragged at either end. Before it can even repeat its request, Butterbur scowls and demands, "Aren't you that piece of string I turned away earlier?"

    "No", the string replies, "I'm afraid not".

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    Never forget 2/14-16
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    Frodo took a chance...so shall I.

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    hoping ... I need the points LOL

    Ty for the opportunity.

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    A Man of Rohan returned home after the battle of Helm's Deep and told his adolescent son that he'd have to take over tending to their farm.

    Son: "You're really lame, dad."

    Dad: "You're right. I'm told my leg will never heal right."

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    Tell us the lamest LOTRO-related "Dad joke" you can think of.

    My Dad can simply walk into mordor he just needs black robes and paases as a wraith...
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    Yes, please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post

    Thank you for reading the LOTRO Beacon! Don't forget to reply below to the Weekly Comment for your chance to win 500 LOTRO Points. We'll select a random winner after Noon Eastern on Thursday, November 16th. Good luck!
    Free is almost always a good thing.

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    I hope I win! Need to upgrade my LI!
    105 Hunter, Lore Master, Beorning

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    The best MMO! And with cool compatitions! 500 LPs? Now that's cool!!!!

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    Love a good sale!

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    Legolas (looked at Gloin's family drawings): Who is your son between these two dwarves?
    Gloin: My son is the one with less beard and hair.
    Legolas (laughed loudly): Your wife is more hairy than you

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    I like turtles.
    Go play with those "friendly" Trolls and leave me be.

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    Tell us the lamest LOTRO-related "Dad joke" you can think of.

    "dad, give me back my hope tokens"
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    Tell us the lamest LOTRO-related "Dad joke" you can think of.

    Q: Why do Ents never get sick?
    A: because they have little Enty-bodies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lludd View Post
    Solvent + 500 LPs ? Thanks . I'll take that
    I know. Right? players arguing and when we try to intervene we become the bad guy. It's high time something was done about World Chat.

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    Thank you in advance should I be selected to win those 500 Lotro points.

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    baby toon needs new shoes 500tp should cover it. thks
    i know a guy who just walked to Mordor???

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    I'm in!!! TY for the chance

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    nice, I'm in...thanks!

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    Dad joke: What does a Universal Solvent do? It universally solves ents, of course.

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    So Faramir and Denethor were looking at some Craban swooping down and eating the remains of some terribly decayed beast. Faramir asked "What are they eating!?", Denethor replied "Carrion my wayward son..."

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    Ooooh, a solvent? That will come in handy!


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