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    At the Tolkien panel at WonderCon a couple of weekends back, the panelists pointed out that nobody really knows just what materials (if any) outside of The Lord of the Rings can be adapted; indeed, given that there is still no announced creative team, it's not even certain that Amazon has completed negotiations on the rights, so they may not know themselves just what they can do. Assuming that the rights are the same as they have always been, and only cover The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, there are still a great many stories outlined in Appendix A: the wars in the North [hobbits! Glorfindel! Even Bombadil!]; the war of Númenor against Sauron, ending with the world-bending (literally!) destruction of Númenor and the arrival of Elendil and his followers on the shores of Middle-earth; the Life of Aragorn (as a younger man in Gondor and Rohan, and traveling to Harad); the off-stage part of the War of the Ring (you know, Erebor, Dale, Northern Mirkwood, and the failed assaults against Lórien from Dol Guldur). Plenty of scope in any of these for loads of additional characters and incidents, without infringing on the Silmarillion, and also without doing a disservice to Tolkien's world. Or "all of the above" - an anthology 'Tales of Middle-earth and Númenor' series.

    It's likely that Amazon is thinking "something like Game of Thrones". As one of the panelists pointed out, considering their investment, they would have to get a huge number of viewers and new Prime members to make it worthwhile. We can only hope that this commercial requirement will not ruin the artistic product.

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    I thought this was a done-deal and that everything was finalized in terms of the rights to the show?


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