I just wanted to share with you all the kind of immersive RP we are doing at Durin's Folk [Laurelin Dwarf-Only RP Kinship]. In this example our upcoming roll-based survival RP. If after reading the below you might feel that this kind of RP is exactly what you are looking for, you are welcomed to check out our site and apply at Durin's Folk (Note: for this recurring RP event a dwarf on Laurelin with lvl 42 and above will be needed)

IC Intro:
Hrimbarg, a cold and desolate place, yet of vital importance to Durin's Folk and the Durin's Folk Trading Company. For centuries trade has crossed these harsh Misty Mountains and Hrimbarg has ever stood as a firm watch-post of the dwarves. With the DFTC in tatters and trade being under constant attacks the new King Thorin Stonehelm has ordered the outpost to be reopened and has instructed Skegrym, head of the DFTC, to send new dwarves to the unwelcoming outpost.

Unaware to most dwarves the orcs and easterlings that fled from the gates of Erebor when Sauron was overthrown have taken abode in large numbers in these mountains... setting up the outpost again may be easy... but keeping it will be another matter.

OOC Intro:

This story starts days after the fall of Sauron and the battle of Dale. Our first RP session planned for Friday November 10th starts at Glóin's Camp - as all those that have signed up arrive and make their way to the outpost. And will continue each 2nd and 4th Friday of the month.

OOC RP Set-up:

A bi-weekly RP session, starting November 10th, held at Hrimbarg on Fridays at 3pm servertime (every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month) The main story happens in game, but there will be forum elements (via the Durin's Folk forum) that could earn you or your company extra supplies, etc... (in between the in game sessions) Both forum and in game elements will work with dice and developing story elements. This RP is meant as a SURVIVAL RP GAME - All RPers that join will start with hit-points and these will be managed by the GM. If you hit zero hit-points you are not dead but cannot move and are in bed at Hrimbarg, the others will need to take care of you then (more on that below).


At the start of every event the GM (or other player at the discretion of the GM) will roll for the weather:
  • 0-25: SNOW STORM - forget it, there is no way you will venture out today. Anyone who does venture out is instantly retrieved to Hrimbarg as severely injured. Hunting, wood cutting, mining or any combat is not possible in this weather.
  • 26-50: TOO HARSH -even for dwarves-, snow and gusts of wind beat the mountains, going outside is only possible for short bursts (10 minutes max), those that venture out longer must be retrieved to Hrimbarg as severely injured. Hunting, wood cutting, mining or any combat is not possible in this weather.
  • 51-75: HEAVY SNOW - though it is possible venture out, it is still very challenging and venturing out far won't be possible (30 minutes max), those that venture out longer must be retrieved to Hrimbarg as injured.
    Hunting, wood cutting, mining or any combat is only possible for short periods (10 minutes max)
  • 76-95: LIGHT SNOW - the skies have cleared, almost, now is the time to venture out!
    All hunting, wood cutting, mining or combat is possible in this weather!
  • 96-100: CLEAR SKIES - at last, we can see the sun again!
    All hunting, wood cutting, mining or combat is possible in this weather AND any resource gained now will be doubled!

All goods consumed are instantly deducted form the supply, see below. Goods (like food or drink) can increase hit-points.


Outpost-Profession Bonuses (not referring to actual in game classes or professions but roles assigned for RP):

  • GUARD: Will suffer less damage in battle
  • SCOUT: Scanning the enemy troops ahead will safeguard your company. (before a battle a scout can scan the enemy and reduce their attacking numbers)
  • HEALER: Can make potions (+5 health) using all the available ingredients.
  • COOK: Any food or drink prepared by a cook will double received hit-points when consumed
  • HUNTER: Any animal killed by a hunter will produce meat with double hit-points when consumed.
  • TAILOR: Any garments made by a tailor will ensure better protection from the cold (more hit-points)
  • FORESTER: Any wood cut by a forester will result in double logs + can make arrows for a hunter.
  • MINER: Any coal mined by a miner will result in double chunks

  • bonuses cannot be combined. For instance, if a hunter offers meat to a cook who prepares the meal there will be only one double consume bonus, not two.
  • When you wish to take on the Miner or Forester roll you MUST be able to mine or collect wood in-game

Hrimbarg Outpost

[Have an interesting in joining this kind of RP - make sure you have a dwarf on Laurelin (lvl 42 or above will be required) and sign up at Durin's Folk]

Want to join in, but fear you won't be able to make every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month? No worries, if folks aren't there that have signed up, their characters will be marked as "sleeping" - meaning they don't lose any hit-points (nor gain any) and can continue again the week after.


Information of Locations Trade Routes:

  • V - Vindurhal - The lads here must have it tough, supplied rarely and cut off from most of the other settlements due to weather and location. Very near to The Mountain's Throat (Goblin's Town main gate) the guards have their hands full.
  • Hr - Hrimbarg - The only real safe haven in the Northern High Pass area - but for how long?
  • Hh - Hríthur's Haven - An old dwarven ruin, strategically positioned on the High Crag, used by Dourhand Guards from Gabilazan - One of the major reasons trade is no longer passing these mountains. At present, for the Dourhands, it is easy pickings when a caravan passes this point.
  • c - Camp Site at Southern High Pass - Likely the most underrated camp in all of the Misties. The Three main trade routes pass this point. Making sure this site is secured is vital, sadly for now, it isn't.
  • GC - Gloin's Camp - a good place to gather provisions, when they have any and weathers allows the trek. Anything further south is secured by the Elves

Trade Routes:
  • (EASY - 1 easy combat encounter when patrolled) Green Route - To the Halls further South - The only relatively safe road into the Misty Mountains, until the Southern High Pass Camp Site, after which it becomes as dangerous as the other two roads.
  • (MID - 1 hard combat encounter when patrolled) Blue Route- From Erebor - A road now frequently under attack by the orcs that have fled from the east, far from safe.
  • (HARD - 2 hard combat encounters when patrolled) Yellow Route - From the Grey Mountains - It has been years since anyone has been able to use the road through the mountains to Vindurhal, due to the presence of Goblin Town, recently increased warg and goblin activity have made matters even worse.

DFTC & The King
The King & master Skegrym of the Durin's Folk Trading Company (DFTC) didn't send you here on a picnic, you have a job to do! Trade routes must remain open at all times.

To keep the trade routes open you must ensure that ONCE every THREE SESSIONS each of the three trade routes (see above) is patrolled.

If you manage to keep them open the DFTC will send you extra shipments of supplies (which you can pick up at Gloin's camp), nothing much, but every little helps. If not... well, let's just hope you have stored enough. Yet, if you keep all three routes open long enough, who knows... the King might even give you a kingly reward!

Extra shipments (decided at the end of each session - ready to be picked up at Gloin's Camp at the following session):
  • Green route is open: NO extra shipments - "Is that the best you can do? Maybe we shouldn't have sent you!"
  • Green and Blue route is open: 1 extra shipment - "Well, it's a start"
  • All three routes are open: 2 extra shipments - "You deserve a bit extra after all your hard work".

Shipments may include all sorts of game goods and are decided on by roll at Gloin's Camp - the higher the roll the more goods will be in a shipment, quantity informed to the players by the GM.

The Beacon of Hrimbarg:
During each RP-session one or more members will be assigned to "monitor" the state of the beacon, it must at all time remain burning. If you are assigned as beacon-keeper you will be asked to look out the window that overlooks the beacon every 20 minutes (and roll). This will decide the state of the flame:
  • 0-50: The beacon may go out any minute, quickly, venture outside and tend to the flame. - You will use one box of coal/wood for the flame.
  • 51-75: The beacon light seems to burn safely... for now. (no action, just re roll in 20 minutes)
  • 76-100: The beacon light seems to burn strongly, yet if you add some coal/wood on it you can rest assured (adding coal/wood now will ensure you no longer need to check it for the rest of the RP session)

What happens when the beacon goes out? We go into "DARKNESS", meaning that firstly, you won't be able to BARTER for new incoming goods, as without the beacon being lit, trade companies can't find their way in the Misties. Also, once the lights go out, there are other dangers... you'll find out... but you won't be happy about it, trust me...

When the beacon goes out you have 2 minutes to light it again - or we go into "darkness" for the rest of the session. So mind you don't wonder off to far leaving the beacon unattended, the consequences may be dire indeed!

Inside Thorgest's Haven

Mining, Hunting and Combat:
Combat is done via RP through rolls (once we reach the relevant locations) yet you will be mining actual in-game nodes, shooting in-game animals for meat and battling in-game goblins, etc... (lvl permitting).
Note, some professions will have bonuses (see above)

Combat will ensure trade routes are open or closed. Open trade routes will mean more supplies get sent to the outpost, closed trade routes mean you will have to rely on less (or no) new incoming supplies - and you will have to deal with an angry King!

Every 5 animals shot and killed will provide:
1 Hide and 1 Meat (unless shot by a Hunter = x 2)

Every 5 ore nodes mined will provide:
1 coal (unless mined by a Miner = x 2)
Note - a miner may find (by tremendous luck and a very very good roll) a ruby. Rubies are highly valued by the barterer at Gloin's Camp - they don't call him Tralli Gemfinder for nothing.

Every 5 wood nodes cut will provide:
1 wood (unless cut by a Forester = x 2)

Each garment made will need:
2 Hides

and will provide:
1 Garment

ARROWS (can only be made by a forester)
A set of arrows (that can kill 5 animals) will need:
2 Wood

Each meal made will need:
2 Meat

and will provide:
1 Meal

Only a HEALER can make potions (+5 hit-points) - to make a potion you need 1 meat, 1 drink, 1 coal, 1 wood (that's one nasty potion... but hey, it works). Alternatively, POTIONS can also be bartered via incoming supplies.

1 coal + 1 wood will make a kindling box for the beacon

DRINK or PIPEWEED: +1 Hit-point (unless bonus applies - in which case it may be +2)
GARMENT or MEAL: +2 Hit-points (unless bonus applies - in which case it may be +4)

GARMENT AND PIPEWEED: one per session per RP-er
MEAL, POTIONS AND DRINK: as many as supply allows

Garments and Meal (can be anything from socks to soup to steak, you RP as you see fit) will provide extra hit-points to the company member when consumed or worn.
Crafting goods can be done by anyone (not just those that have the profession - yet only those with the profession will provide bonuses to the goods) - note crafting can only be done INSIDE Hrimbarg.

All company members arrive at Gloin's Camp with maximum hitpoints, being 10
One can lose 1 to 8 hit-points in combat (halved if a Guard)
One can gain hit-points by consuming MEALS, POTIONS or DRINKS, smoking PIPEWEED or wearing GARMENTS (hit-points listed above)

Afwald & Thorgest
"Why have you come! This is our place! They don't call this Thorgest's Haven for nothing!", shouts Thorgest in fury, as his brother Afwald nods.
It is clear these two would rather see our company depart than stay. And as long as you are here Afwald and Thorgest refuse to move a muscle... yet they will eat your supplies.
At the start of each session a roll will decide how much these two will consume from your supply:
  • 0-20: The brothers are famished and have a large breakfast and some of your drink... you lose 2 meals and 2 glaces of brandy and ale!
  • 21-50: "We got to eat too you know!", said Thorgest - you lose 1 meal and 1 glass of ale or brandy
  • 51-100: Either the brothers don't feel too well, or they are full from last time, but they don't seem to touch our supply... good!

You may be safe inside from storms and giants and goblins but the true enemy is within, HUNGER!
Every session your hunger increases (reducing your hitpoints by two) - you may not need to eat right away, but sooner or later you will and you better have some meals handy.

BARTERING for incoming goods
When the beacon is lit AND the weather allows it you can venture to Gloin's Camp to barter with Tralli Gemfinder.
Tralli is the only supplier that comes to this Mahal-forsaken region these days. He charges a hefty price for most of his goods too. This is what he usually has in store:

MEALS, MEAT, BARREL REFILLS, WOOD, POTIONS, NEW TOOLS, ARROWS, PIPEWEED, KINDLING BOXES and COAL. Prices will vary, so you will see when you get there.

Gloin's Camp

NOTE! Tralli only barters for other goods, he says "coins are worth nothing in the snow when you are starving". Hence each time you will want to barter you will have to decide as a group how many goods you will take along from your supply in Hrimbarg. Be careful though, there may be dangers on the road that would very much like to take your supplies from you! Oh, and don't forget to bring any rubies if you have them... Tralli loves those!

Hrimbarg Current Outpost Inventory*: - What you will find in Hrimbarg when you get there.

  • A sack of potatoes (some are starting to go bad already) - worth 4 MEALS (+2 hit-points each)
  • 6 small kindling boxes of coal and wood for the beacon (new coal or wood can be found through mining or cutting trees) - worth 6 COAL/WOOD kindling boxes
  • 4 bags of deer meat (enough for a few days to feed the company) - worth 4 MEAT (+2 hit-points each)
  • A small barrel of brandy - half empty (the cheapest one available, better that than nothing) - can only be refilled through bartering - worth 8 DRINK (+1 hit-point each)
  • A small barrel of ale (again the cheapest one available... and likely good enough to last a month if rationed) -
    can only be refilled through bartering - worth 8 DRINK (+1 hit-point each)

  • A meager supply of axes, pickaxes, bows, arrows, shovels, shields and clubs (one for each member of the company) - when they break (at the discretion of the GM) you can only replace them via bartering - as long as your tools are broken you lose your outpost-profession bonus.
  • A large crate of auroch wool and bear fur coats (this will likely not be enough to last the harsh winter - worth 5 GARMENTS (worth 2 hit-points each) (max 1 garment per member per session)
  • 1 flask of healing potion - worth 1 POTION (+5 hit-points)
  • 5 sets of Arrows (each set can kill 5 animals)
  • A small crate of prime quality Southfarthing Pipeweed (some, but not much, luckily it is good quality) - adds 1 hitpoint when consumed - can only be refilled through incoming supplies - worth 8 PIPEWEED till empty (max 1 pipe of pipeweed per member per session)

* the GMs will update the inventory as the weeks progress