Come the grand crafting halls of the dwarves and show them yours skills in crafting... an evening of great fun and prizes on offer!

November 25th, 2017
2 Frothing Road, Ulfhirth, Thorin's Halls Homesteads

Event details:

The Blacksmith's Fayre, an event to showcase your best crafting skills.... yes, even cooks or tailors can come and show their worth, this isn't just for blacksmiths! The event is split into two parts which will happen on two separate days (Saturday and Sunday)

Blacksmith's Fayre Day 1 (SAT 25th November at 2PM)
Dwarves of Durin's Folk, as well as invited Allies and Friends of the Kinship, are welcomed to our Craft hall at 2 Frothing Road, Ulfhirth Homestead. There, they are free to practice the trade of their choosing. Main goal would be to craft equipment to support your friends and fellow brothers and friends. One can approach specific craftsman and order an item and member's of Durin's Folk can use the crafting materials from our Vaults at their leisure.

Blacksmith's Fayre Day 2 (SUN 26th November at 2PM) - Let your weapon be judged my masters (and earn great prizes). Open to Durin's Folk members only.

If you have any questions concerning event, feel free to ask them in this topic/in-game/trough forum mail. Enjoy!

Organizer: Hosgrim of Durin's Folk

OOC details:
Welcome! Due LOTRO's weekly Crafting XP buff, we announce unusual event, focused not only on honing your crafting skills, but also on RP aspects. Event will be split on two parts which will happen in separate days, the first open to all allies and kind hearted folks, the second for members of Durin's Folk only. Note though that this event is RP focused, so please keep that in mind when attending.