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    Not that Haunted Burrow! Too scary!

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    What is your favorite part of the Harvestmath Festival?

    Stuff and Things.

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    What is your favorite part of the Harvestmath Festival?

    /cheers !

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    favorite part of the Harvest Festival is the scary stories and finally getting the painted skeleton horse.
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    What is your favorite part of the Harvestmath Festival?

    The haunted burrow was the festival attraction, without question!
    But this time it's Bingo with his relationship and their scary stories!

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    The new Bingo Boffin questline is by far my favorite activity this year! Well done!

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    "What is your favorite part of the Harvestmath Festival?"

    Definitely The Haunted Burrow! Halloween isn't that big in my country, so I'm super happy that I get the chance to experience some of the atmosphere!

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    What is your favorite part of the Harvestmath Festival?

    The Haunted Burrow of course.

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    favorite part of this Harvestmath

    The Gourd-Lurker, great idea and great (smaller) size! Fun lil fella to have running around.

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    Most favorite: Bingo!
    Least favorite: switching new cosmetics from general purpose to Bind to Account after the fact

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    The new Bingo Boffin content is the highlight of this year's Harvestmath Festival, without a doubt. Especially as the end suggests that we might be seeing more original content next year. I think using Bingo & Friends as a way of introducing new content to the seasonal festivals is a great idea and I am really looking forward to seeing what SSG does next.

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    Harvestmath Festival

    Yay, one of my favorite festival is here. I still remember the hunt for bounder tokens in this festival few years ago.

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    What is your favorite part of the Harvestmath Festival?

    Definitely the Bingo chain this year.

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    "What is your favorite part of the Harvestmath Festival?"

    Seeing Bingo and doing this great quest chain. :-)

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    "What is your favorite part of the Harvestmath Festival?"

    Much as I loved seeing Bingo again, it is, and always will be, the Haunted Burrow. I still remember how confusing it was the first time it was introduced, and now it feels like a creepy but very well loved home
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    What is your favorite part of the Harvestmath Festival?

    The Burrow

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    Cool Favorite part of Harvest festival

    Bobbing for apples. I am getting too old to run around all the time.

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    What is your favorite part of the Harvestmath Festival?

    You can filter it and it ends.

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    What is your favorite part of the Harvestmath Festival?

    Tricksy quests, precious. Very tricksy quests.

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    The Hobbit in the brown bear costume. His disappointment when Berilac didn't respond in the way he had hoped was eviscerating.

    (Okay, I exaggerate, but I really felt for the guy!)

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    Harndirion, or the Party Tree during festivals.

    My favourite part of this Harvestmath...

    You have acquired: [Aged Deed].
    You have acquired: [Painted Skeleton Steed].
    You have acquired the Skeleton Painted Horse skill.

    Somehow got that on one toon this Harvestmath. I'll ride it, that's for sure!

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    The Haunted Burrow!

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    What is your favorite part of the Harvestmath Festival?

    I'm going to go with the Haunted Burrow, like so many others here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bevin View Post
    So far, as this is my first year of playing LOTRO, I would have to say its the Bingo Boffin festival quest. The twist of having to wait until next year to learn the meaning of the cryptic prophecy, is especially spooky.
    I also liked that in the Boffin children's campfire stories, the final story (from the book we fetched) seems to be based on The Red Shoes by Hans Christian Anderson. This seems to hint playfully that the original folk tale from which Anderson derived his story is actually based on some ancient story passed down in the "Chill ______" tome we retrieved from the Great Smials library for Bingo.
    It would be so much fun if we could have more stories with Bingo and the Boffins in the future. There is a wealth of folktales they could draw from. One of my favorites is a Russian folktale called The Soldier and Death. its retold in English by Arthur Ransome and is also inspired by Godfather Death. A soldier returns home after 20 years of war, with three biscuits in his knapsack. On his way he meets three beggars to whom he gives the biscuits; in return one gives him a ruby whistle, one the jolliest dance, and the final man, who gets the last biscuit despite the soldier being hungry himself, in return gives him a pack of magic playing cards and a musty sack that has the power to trap anything ordered into it.
    In fact, this story has all the elements of a great quest, complete with the objectives already written.
    Jim Henson included the story in his production The Storyteller. You can see part of the story, (the part where he uses the magic cards and the magic sack to outsmart and trap evil spirits) on youtube here:
    Congratulations, you are this week's winner! Private Message incoming with a code.
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    The music that appears out of nowhere when a monster starts attacking you!


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