Hey folks, Vastin here.

As you can no doubt tell, we've been going through the motions but PvMP has been overlooked for a while due to our focus on the player side and Mordor.

While adjustments were made for the general bump in power level, the creeps have nevertheless been left behind. They got the same base level bump that the players did, but unsurprisingly, the players stat jumps were compounded by benefits from several sources (base, gear, IL's, essences, traits, audacity, etc), that outpaced the relatively few sources that creeps are designed with.

I want to take some time over the next month or two to make a series of fast passes over the creep dps and toughness sources to bring them back into line and get a better sense of what that compounded factor is so that we can work it into their advancement in future updates. It's much easier to approach PvMP balance from the creep side, because the statistics that make up a monster player are far fewer and I can rapidly iterate on their relative strength very rapidly in a way that I absolutely cannot do with the Freeps.

I will be using a bracketing method, so expect some slightly wild swings on Bullroarer as I work to re-discover some equilibrium. It'll be fun, and hopefully with your feedback we can get the ettenmoors back into a competitive shape.

I will also be looking at trying to get the dps/vitality ratios of the two sides more similar looking, so that one side isn't a huge bag of HP with low DPS and vice versa - it's much easier to manage balance when the two sides are using sets of numbers that at least resemble each other.

First pass will be a pretty major bump to creep DPS, as that is clearly anemic at the moment compared to the NPC vitality in the area. This ought to show up as soon as we begin testing 21.3, but my goal is to make multiple iteration passes before 21.3 actually releases.