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    Question Is there any way to avoid the spider webs that hold you down in the Haunted Barrow?

    I love the Harvest Festival and I'm really enjoying the Haunted Barrow, but is there a way to avoid the spider webs that hold you down or the phantoms that do the same? The first time it's interesting, but after repeating the quests on many alts it gets old.


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    If I have time, I let other players go first

    As both the spiders and ghosts only appear in particular spots, it's either pure rng or they're on some kind of a timer(or both).

    And in case you wondered, Erebrandir's Horseshoe doesn't help with those either.

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    I haven't been able to find any way to avoid, and I am starting to long for one.

    OTOH, it forces me to remember that I'm in an AWESOME haunted house, not just farming tokens for the cool stuff. So I'm trying to focus on that.

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    I know one good one that's 100% effective -- don't go into the Haunted Burrow!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HunterGreen View Post
    I know one good one that's 100% effective -- don't go into the Haunted Burrow!
    I tried the Haunted house again this year due to the Bingo quest and will follow your advise.

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    Not sure if this 100% truth but I noticed, if there are 2 players run thru that spot RIGHT before me, just a couple steps, they will be hold down and I'll get thru unharmed.

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    You can gain immunity from the first bottle while doing the riddle quest, cancel this quest and accept another one. Then you have 5 minutes of immunity. Haven't tried myself, but it should work.

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    My observation is that right after you have suffered from the effects of the purple cloud (getting slowed & screen going black), you gain short term immunity to all other crowd control effects. It might last 30 seconds and there is no tooltip for it. But what I do is go to the attic into the purple cloud then immediately leave and enter the Cobwebbed wing. I am immune long enough to reach the quest objective there, but then after that the immunity has worn off. As I head for the exit I get rooted.

    Edit: I tested it and the immunity lasts 20 seconds.
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