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    2017 Extra Life Marathon on LOTROstream and Donation Drive

    Extra Life 2017, Team LOTROstream, and October 13th-14th Marathon Livestream

    I will be coordinating my second year of fundraising for Extra Life, and wanted to provide information to any LOTRO players who would be interested in taking part in this charity event.

    On Friday, October 13th starting at 9:00pm Eastern (-4 GMT) until 11:59pm Eastern (-4 GMT) on Saturday, October 14th, we'll be hosting a LOTRO Extra Life Marathon on Twitch.tv/LOTROstream, and raising money during that time! LOTROstream team members will take turns playing the game and raising money for this important charity. We'd love it if you felt like stopping by and saying hello. This is a great way to celebrate Extra Life and hang out with other LOTRO players.

    You can read more information about Extra Life, a nonprofit organization that raises money for Children's Miracle Network affiliated hospitals, by clicking here.

    To donate to Team LOTROstream: http://www.extra-life.org/team/LOTROstream

    To find my donation page: http://www.extra-life.org/participant/jerrysnook

    To sign up for Extra Life, if you want to raise money yourself: http://www.extra-life.org/

    I have set a personal goal of raising $3,000 for the Boston Children's Hospital, and have set a $5,000 goal for Team LOTROstream overall. Since the LOTRO development team is based in the Boston area, this hospital made sense, although you are welcome to donate to any member of Team LOTROstream, and the money will go to the Children's Hospital they have designated.


    If you donate at least $5, you will be entered into the various drawings that are unlocked by Team LOTROstream reaching certain milestones. If you donate to me or another Team LOTROstream member, it counts!

    There's one important thing, though: Extra Life doesn't provide me with enough info to match your donation to a forum/LOTRO community name, and I don't get donation info you donate to other team members, so if you donate and want to get a prize, you MUST fill out the following info and PM it to me on the forums here:

    The name you used for your donation:
    Forum name (or Twitter handle, etc.):
    Amount Donated:
    Date of Donation (if you know it):

    Without further ado, here are the incentives!

    Group incentives:

    $1000 - Ten 500 LOTRO Point codes and ten Hero of the Small Folk Title codes will be randomly distributed to people who donate at least $5 to the fundraising effort through a random-number-generated drawing.
    $2000 - Ten more 500 LOTRO Point and ten more Hero of the Small Folk codes will be randomly distributed to folks who donate $5+.
    $3000 - Ten more 500 LOTRO Point and ten Ghost Bear codes will be randomly distributed to folks who donate $5+.
    $4000 - Ten more 500 LOTRO Point and ten Ghost Bear codes will be randomly distributed to folks who donate $5+.
    $5000 - We've hit our goal! If we reach this goal, we will be giving away FIVE Mordor Collector's Edition codes! The winners will be drawn through a random-number-generator, and anyone who has donated at least $5 and has submitted their information to me through a private message on the forums here will be eligible to win.

    Individual incentives:

    $5 - Forum Title of your choice, within the community guidelines. PM me with your desired choice. If you already have a custom title, I can add another!
    $10 - Custom Forum Avatar - Let me know what you want your avatar to be, and I'll do my best to make it happen.
    $20 - In-Game Hero of the Small Folk title.
    $30 - Ghost Bear pet certificates: I will mail you up to three Ghost Bear certificates to various characters you'd like on whatever server(s) you want.

    NOTE: If you don't want either a Hero of the Small Folk title, or a Ghost Bear certificate, perhaps because you already have them, I can also exchange those incentives for an equal number of Perlino Steed certificates.

    $100 - I will be honored to hang out with you and/or your Kin in-game. While there are certain rules I cannot break (things that hurt the game world, giving out loot, leveling people up, etc. - mostly common sense stuff), I will be able to give away a couple of things, and I will of course be open to any and all Q&A.

    All incentives are cumulative, so if you donate $30, you also get the benefits of the lower tiers. I will be taking donations through the end of November. I will do my best to meet up with your kin sometime in 2018. Make sure to follow up with me through Private Message so we can set a date and time.

    Also, last year was kind of crazy, what with the transition to Standing Stone Games and me getting extremely busy. If I owe you a meetup from last year and failed to deliver, get in touch with me and I'll do my best to make it happen.

    The LOTRO community has long been among the most supportive of Extra Life, and we are set to have a lot of fun this year! Thank you for your donation, however large or small it may be.

    Jerry Snook
    Cordovan - Community Manager, Lord of the Rings Online
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