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    Angry So WHY can't a Cook or a Scholar make a Shadowed Essence?

    What kind of silly discrimination is this? Both are fully guilded professions, and now at end game .... we can't make the end game essence. Why? WHY?

    All these years, we were not allowed to be in two guilds (ex. Cook and Tailor for a Yeoman, Cook & Jeweller for a Tinker, Scholar and Weaponsmith for a Historian, etc.). Therefore, having many Explorers/Tailors, I did not have my Yeoman Cook also work on tailoring. After ten years, now I suddenly need it? I suppose people will say I can just give the (appropriate profession) recipe to one of my other crafters. But what about the people who didn't or couldn't make a whole stable of characters/crafters?
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    Same problem here.
    I'm Historian/Scholar and my friend is Yeoman/Cook. How we are supposed to get these boxes then?
    Very disappointing....

    p.s. There is also rank requirement for buying receipt - what is this? Reputation?

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    Still no essence crafting for scholars and cooks...

    Yet another patch, yet a newer and better kind of essences and still scholars and cooks can't barter for essence recipes.

    Are we at some point during Mordor going to be able to craft our own essences or will we continue to have to ask friends or use low level alts to be able to equip our main characters?

    What is the plan here?

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    I'm also very disappointed by this fact and can't think of a logical reason for SSG's Behavior in the first place.

    My historian and cook are the only high-lvl crafting chars I have and I am far from getting another char into and through mordor with all the grind.

    But as crafting is getting less and less attention from SSG with every update, I doubt that they will add the missing recipes in the near future or in 2018 at all!

    It is a shame what has become of nowadays crafting compared to this once great and enjoyful part of the game back in the early stages of lotro (2007 - 2012).
    and others...

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    Cooks add essence to flavor food, and Scholars have been debating the essence of Being for millenia.
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    Another new area and my scholar still can't make essences for armour or jewelry. Why hasn't this been fixed yet?
    The new tokens are bound to character. so can't even use them on another character to make essences for my scholar.
    Any information on this? Anyone?

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    This is apparently working as intended.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan
    it was a design choice to not give Scholars/Cooks essence recipes, since both of them make highly desirable consumables (whereas the other crafting professions don't.)



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