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    How about a caged canary for taking into the mines?

    Or to the outhouse after my brother has been in there?

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    Thumbs up New pet

    I have read many of the other answers and most of them are cute, or good ideas. I think a pet mini-dragon or a pet parrot is a great idea, the dragon can do cool air tricks and the parrot can sit on your shoulder. These would be great additions to the game and my server, gladden, would go nuts for a mini dragon or parrot. A new idea is I think you should add a deer, that would be cute and cool to have following you.

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    Most definitely a pet Lion, full mane and all
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    What pet do we need

    Perhaps a pet Balrog would be pretty cool. Maybe a rare drop from defeating Durins Bane in OD? I would say rift and make it Thaurlach, but that would be the only reason to run it. I'd rather have relevant, scaled drops to accompany the slim chances of getting the pet

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    Walking Stick

    Walking Stick (Ref Radagast the Brown having one on the tip of his tongue). Probably need to be oversized

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    No Caged Canary

    Quote Originally Posted by StoatMandible View Post
    How about a caged canary for taking into the mines?

    Or to the outhouse after my brother has been in there?

    That sounds more like a item to hold than a pet. Sure, do it for that....but you wouldn't have a cage following you around.

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    Thumbs up What pet is missing from Lord of the Rings Online?

    One which we could sell / repair with it

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    More spirit animals like the spirit bear. Those look awesome.

    Also, I dig shoulder pets.

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    Thumbs up What pet is missing from Lord of the Rings Online?

    Something like a will-o'-wisp that gives light in the darkness:
    perhaps a bit more light than today's alt-f10 function.
    Could also come in different ambient colours etc. ...!

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    White bunny, grey bunny that isn't just for loremasters, and my all time biggest request, Mûmabunny, but that last one is more for being a mount than a pet...
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    A pet rock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devolved View Post
    Options running from the surreal to the absurd... I can dig that.

    Expanding on the [thing] dragged behind on a string mentioned above (which I totally /second!), dragging a glowing gold ring along on the ground behind.
    How about a burning ring, the size of the character that summoned it. It hovers in the air just in front of the character and forces you to /cower in front of it.

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    We definitely need a mini Marzgurúd.

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    I dont proceed much further in game yet. But I will be glad if I found in game a horse pet. Not my own horse which I use for riding, but another one. which will only follow me.

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    I'm somewhat torn between a few suggestions already made here:
    1. Pet parrot, preferrably available through Bartleby with Bingo badges
    2. a honey bee, preferrably one large enough to be seen, such as the unusually *large* honey bees that lived on the homestead of Beorn the Skinchanger .
    3. a dog that can be bartered with Bingo badges from Bartleby.

    Otherwise, perhaps I haven't seen these yet in game as I"m somewhat new, what about the following:

    Large mouse (my son's preference would be white)
    Walking fish (yes, a fish with legs....don't ask me why, you wanted ideas!)
    Ostrich (from Harad, obviously)
    Hippopotamus ( also from Harad?)
    Large gecko

    Okay, my son says that's enough brainstorming today. He's ready to play the game. This will have to do.

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    How about a mini-Gandalf to follow you around and do your bidding...

    When the cat's away the litterbox smells a whole lot better!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post

    Thank you for reading the LOTRO Beacon! Don't forget to reply below to the Weekly Comment for your chance to win 500 LOTRO Points! We'll select a random winner after Noon Eastern on Thursday, October 12th. Good luck!
    We need a digging creature that can mine ore automatically, pickup sticks and collect sage documents.

    It would be nice if captains could recruit minions like brigands, and man ghosts, rouge dwarves and captains/ Lieutenants for a couple of hours or permanently. Turin was elected captain by the thieves of the forest.

    The elves and girls should be able to have a pet battle cry.

    We should have a pet monkey in the festivals.

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    A slightly over-sized Lunar Moth. It could fly in lazy patterns around or behind your character.

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    "What pet is missing from Lord of the Rings Online?"

    A jester pet. Dressed appropriately, following the character skipping like Tom Bombadil. When you have been idle for ~10 seconds the jester would start performing random, short acts like juggling, miming (pulling invisible rope, 'in a glass room' etc.), contortionist or other physical poses (splits, pirouettes...).

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    Big fat honey bee that sucks all the sweet dollars out of your pocket.

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    I'm all for a raccoon.
    Mirthan, Belegaer, formerly Anduin.

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    A little dragonette pet you could take controll of. We used to have a lot of fun in NWN taking controll of your pet. It would also be great for scouting and finding out where the bad guys are.

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    What pet is missing from Lord of the Rings Online?

    I would love to see us getting the Mordor wormlings as a pet! Otherwise would love to some drakes/dragons as pets!

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    What pet is missing from Lord of the Rings Online?

    Definitely a parrot reward for The Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariners. Actually, several parrots in different colors so we have some variety.
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    A female dwarf!


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