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    What pet is missing from Lord of the Rings Online?

    A baby Dragon and a Parrot that perches on your shoulder at times.
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    What pets are missing from the game?

    - A baby balrog! With appropriate sound effects. (Mordor raid reward?)
    - A spider! (Put in Fall Festival)
    - A scarecrow! (Fall festival)
    - A snowman! (Yule Festival of course!)
    - A honey-badger! (Because the honey-badger really doesn't care!)
    - A HUGE firegrim! (Just like the huge shrew, but then for the Yule fest....)

    Lay off on the kites for a while, will ya?
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    What pet is missing from Lord of the Rings Online?

    I believe none, unless orcs can be considered appropriate to be pets.

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    What pet is missing from Lord of the Rings Online?

    We need a "Mini-Me" pet. A pet that looks just like me, but 1/2 the size.

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    may be darklings (slugs)?

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    Options running from the surreal to the absurd... I can dig that.

    Expanding on the [thing] dragged behind on a string mentioned above (which I totally /second!), dragging a glowing gold ring along on the ground behind.

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    New Pet, Yes!

    Love "The Bearded Minstrels' Trait Planner"! Oh, and I second the new pet - a wee dragon to bebop around with!

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    The Warg Pup pet is missing.

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    What pet is missing from Lord of the Rings Online?

    Viznak from Mordor.

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    A pet ent-wife

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    A small ankle biter dog. Perfect for distracting the enemy while your hunter gains focus or your champ lumbers up to clobber them. Also fun (only in game) to watch fly through the air when someone kicks them. (And I stress ONLY in game! You kick a real dog in my presence and you'll wish you were facing a balrog.)
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    I think this game needs Pet-Devs! Any or all! (Especially +Cord)
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    What pet is missing?
    A cute kitten that mews incessantly!
    More cat pets in general would be awesome, though. Not too many of them, sadly.

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    More human "pet" like the distant cousin or swan knight. A dwarf, an elf, a FEMALE elf, man or hobbit, an archer, lady elf in elf queen dress, or a shield maiden in armor...
    A goat of burden that carry all kind of things a dwarf would need for an adventure: lamp, pot, pickaxe, bedroll, food, ale...
    The fat cave claw.
    A glowing worm.

    And less kites. Like... seriously.

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    Weekly Question 29

    Petula ("Pet") Clark.
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    We really need a pet dog that can be obtained in lower level content. Simplest option may be to design a Festival Mutt, roughly the size of a beagle, and add it to ALL of the festivals as a purcheasable reward. Add a Festival Moggy for good measure.

    Also a shoulder parrot (and/or raven) would be nice. Make this a piece of (slightly) animated cosmetic clothing that you wear instead of shoulder pads. Could have left, right, and both shoulder versions. Offer the parrot versions only on Converse Like a Corsair day and the Ravens version at festivals.
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    What pet is missing from Lord of the Rings Online?

    A duck. We have chicken and swans, why not ducks? Quack!

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    Well fish of any kind are definitely missing. Can aquariums walk? or fly?

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    mini troll

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    A set of walking shoes

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    i think its time for the evil ones. A goblin would be really nice to have.

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    I like those small mole critters added in Mordor. I've said I wanted a pet of them for a while.

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    What pet is missing from Lord of the Rings Online?

    Pet fellbeast (from mordor instances related with minas morgul).
    watcher in the water (perhaps new upgraded instance of the watcher that scales).
    Drake pet (from helegrod or smaug instance).
    Badger pet (obtained from a barter or a rare drop from killing low level badgers).
    Shelob spawn pet (obtained from shelob instance comming with mordor update).

    And of course the most obvious sandsharks and tremors! perhaps tremors would be a wereworm but i don't see it happen as there would be no instance to get it from (yet).

    acquired from:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starliteyes View Post
    A baby bumblebee!
    Which would look very much like a maggot. Don't forget that the bees are insects, with a larvae stadium.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nosdracir View Post
    Also a shoulder parrot (and/or raven) would be nice. [...] Could have left, right, and both shoulder versions.
    Ravens on both shoulders are only allowed for Odins. Btw: How do you perform a /bow emote, then?

    So... what about a Grima?

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    A walking chest with thousand feet (mobile vault function would be nice too).


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