Hi all,

I am rebuilding a kinship that I ran a few years ago. Inactivity and time has resulted in the kinship going dead, and I now think it's time to get it going again.

Name: The Ale Association
Race: All races (mainly Dwarf, but open to other races if the reason is good)
Type: Roleplaying kinship (which is open to PVE and fun on occasion)

Laurelin Archives: http://laurelinarchives.org/node/20921


The Ale Association was founded by Jónar of Ered Luin ((an actual in-game NPC)) as a response to the massive success of the Inn League. Furious that the flow of ale should be run without Dwarven influence, the Ale Association does everything to hinder, sabotage and steal from the Inn League.
The Association also finances a number of Dwarven breweries throughout the West, including (but not limited to) the Stonebrow, Bearded Bear, and Ruddy Nose breweries.
The main Ale Association headquarters is "The Headless Hobbit", a large tavern in the Thorin's Hall Homestead, as well as the surrounding houses in the area, which include the Ale Association Museum, Guest House, Sabotage Division Headquarters, and Prison ((all of these are houses adjacent to the kinship house and owned by kinship members)).

The Ale Association is legitimate and friendly on the outside, acting welcoming and open to guests, but it is only a facade. In reality it is a devious and nasty organised crime syndicate responsible for many questionable acts against Inn League taverns, caravans, and members.


The kinship has gone dead, and I am now looking for roleplayers (officers and members) to help me get it going again. The Ale Association is at the top tier and has technically existed on the Laurelin server for 3 years or so.

Anyone interested in promoting Dwarven ale while being sneaky and sinister?

-Fundgi Ironbrow (Jónar's Second in Command and owner of "The Headless Hobbit" inn)