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    The LOTRO Beacon: Issue 28

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    Who doesn't like pumpkins?


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    Who doesn't like pumpkins?

    Pumpkins are fine! I love pumpkins! Now, Pumpkin Spice, that's another story... :P

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    Olore Malle
    I wonder how much in advance one has to submit an event, given I submitted an e-mail last week at the specified address for a concert my kin and I will be holding today and neither last nor this beacon has it listed.....................
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    Lots of pumpkins in ME, but no chocolate...

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    Who doesn't like pumpkins?


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    I'm sure Gollum would hate pumpkins!

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    Who doesn't like Pumpkins?

    Smash'em, cook'em, put'em in a pie.....mmmmmm....Pumpkin pie.

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    I don't like pumpkins.
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    Who doesn't like pumpkins?

    People who think the whole PSL thing has gone too far

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    I hate pumpking because they are connected to hallowen. On the other hand they taste well.

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    We all pretty much grew up with pumpkins, Halloween, so how can you not see a pumpkin and be not be cheerful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steelfist View Post
    Smash'em, cook'em, put'em in a pie.....mmmmmm....Pumpkin pie.
    Oh, yeah...

    Nothing like fresh warm pumpkin pie...

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    Who doesn't like pumpkins?


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    Elrond, perhaps? Aragorn?
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    I only like smashing pumpkins and The Smashing Pumpkins.

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    Who doesn't like pumpkins?

    I imagine most residences of mordor, they might have seen enough red an orange to fill two lifetimes, with them living so close to an actual volcano and all.
    The road goes ever on.

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    I love me some pumpkin PIE!!

    Other than that.... Pumpkins make great ammunition for trebuchets. Come to think of it, this game should have trebuchets. Hmmm... maybe it sort of does in the big battles? Although they are really catapults....

    Trebuchets! We demand Trebuchets! And Pumpkin ammunition.....
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    Who doesn't like pumpkins?

    What's pumpkins, Precious?!

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    The Great Pumpkin and (yes I am going to say it) Pum'kin Head don't like pumpkins for some strange reason! Don't ask me, ask them!
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    Those with a pumpkin allergy

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    Weekly Question 28

    Well, I would assume evil spirits, since one of the legends around Jack O'Lanterns is that they are used to ward off evil spirits. Of course, in the original Irish tradition, they were made from turnips, seeing as how (apparently) the Irish had no pumpkins (at least according to the story I know). Still, in the grand ol' American tradition (which as we all know is the only one that counts anyway - hehehe), we use pumpkins. So there it is.
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    Who doesn't like pumpkins?

    Other squashes and gourds, I'd imagine. Pumpkins get all the glory.

    I used to try to make pumpkin juice (a la Hogwarts) out of jack-o-lantern by-products every year. It could have been because I was a child and had zero cooking experience, but it always wound up terrible, in spite of the fact that I love the stuff that comes out of a can.

    Turns out the FDA and Department of Agriculture have a very broad definition of "pumpkin," so even if you get a can of puree that says it's "100% pumpkin," it's not the same as the kind of pumpkin you carve. It's mostly made up of other (better-tasting) species of squash that fall under the legal umbrella of "pumpkin."

    I know this is kind of a boring, pedantic thing to post in a LOTRO forum, but I hope it spares a few others the effort and disappointment I experienced year after year :|

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    First person that popped in my head is Ichabod Crane.


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