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    Jan 2007
    MA, USA
    Steed of the Dusk Watch on several characters. If only they had been bind to account back then.
    The Lag is so bad I saw Sara Oakheart outrun someone - kickman77

    Cener, Ingo, Rilibald, Hesred, Halras, Belegthelion, Ingoror, Gloringo
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    i love my steed of night

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    Treasure-Laden Goat (Dwarf, of course!)

    Steed of Minas Ithil. Now please, SSG, bring out Isildur's Ithilen armour as a cosmetic to go with the mount!
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    Steed of the Eriador is the best of all

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    Thumbs up

    The rescued steed of Agarnaith

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    What is your favorite-looking Mount?

    Dark Chestnut Steed

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    Steed of Michel Delving. Brings back memories from Withy.

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    Aug 2017
    Harndirion, or the Party Tree during festivals.
    Steed of the Citadel Guard

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    I have no favorite mount : I prefer my feet !

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    What is your favorite-looking Mount?

    Mathom Society Pony <3
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    Steed of the Burglar
    The Lonely Mountain Band
    Pouncival-Rank 15 aroo-Leader of the Pouncing Pwny
    We Pounce Because We Care

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    What is your favorite-looking Mount?

    ALLLLLLL the goats.

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    Steed of the Dusk-Watch. Got it from a pick-a-mount box and use it almost exclusively. Wish it came with a war-steed appearance though

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    Last year's Summer steed!

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    What is your favorite-looking Mount?
    Mount-Doom is pretty awesome

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    Sep 2016
    Quote Originally Posted by Wynniekins View Post
    The Steed of the Champion hands down. Lore-master and Rune-keeper ones are nice, but the Champion is the prettiest
    Congratulations, you are this week's winner! PM incoming with a code.
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