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    The LOTRO Beacon: Issue 27

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    What is your favorite-looking Mount?

    Bob, my Windfells Goat

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    "What is your favorite-looking Mount?"

    Well, since we got to Mordor, I have to say my favourite-looking Mount is Mount Doom!


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    [QUOTE=Fealhach;7773541]"What is your favorite-looking Mount?"

    Well, since we got to Mordor, I have to say my favourite-looking Mount is Mount Doom!

    Cheers [/QUOTE

    Have to agree, Mount Doom steed looks really good.

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    What is your favorite-looking mount?

    The windfells goat. Just look at those horns!

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    What is your favorite-looking Mount?

    Nimble Black Goat

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    Dale-lands Horse

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    Steed of Orthanc. That lovely glowy iridescent one.
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    Steed Of The Dusk-Watch. My hunter got it during her early days, and never used another horse since,

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    My black anniversary goat of course, the Windfell Goat. Always love to ride around on that, very stylish
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    Thumbs up What is your favorite-looking Mount?

    My go†hic black, dark red, big bad Skeleton War Steed with Orc Skull Spear and meat flies flying around.^^

    It's so morbid that even Sauron starts to shiver.

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    I always liked the Angmar steed. 2nd would be the hairy beast from Forochel

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    I love the eagles.

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    Any steed I mount is the best looking mount! I make this mount look good!
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    Harvest-Brew Goat! Definitely my favorite, especially for Dwarves and Hobbitses!
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    What is your favorite-looking Mount?

    The eorlingas steed captured the rohan theme very well.

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    What is your favorite-looking Mount?

    Sunflower pony right now.

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    My personal favorite is the one from the herbalism quests - The Steed of the North Ithilien Wilds. I especially appreciate that it included the items for the war-steed also. I'm working on my fifth and sixth characters for it now.

    2nd choice would be the skeletal mount from the Haunted Barrow.

    3rd is Prized Smokey Black horse
    Casual R Us - Garatha

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    kjhfklahfl kahaljhflhd klsdhfljhdfhakjlsdhf

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    The Treasure-ladden goat.

    Sergio :-)
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    What is your favorite-looking Mount?

    I like the simplicity of the Bay Steed.

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    What is your favorite-looking Mount?
    Mount-Doom is pretty awesome



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