Allow players to own multiple houses!!! This is especially vexing for role players. Having half a dozen characters and only one of them with a house? Frustrating! I know there are concerns that players would overwhelm the housing neighborhoods by snapping up too many houses, but...what about offering just a slight increase? Like maybe 3 houses permitted for VIP accounts? Just *some* option to own more than one house would be great.

Stable/Hitching Post yard items This wouldn't be so tough, would it? We have ginormous, fancy, Gondorian gazebos and fountains....can't we just have a humble little stable for our horses?

Rohirric table! The only Rohan-inspired table we currently have is covered in maps. Can we just get a plain table?

Rohir/Gondor chairs YOU CAN ACTUALLY SIT IN I rest my case with this one.