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    Beast Slayer of Dor Amarth Deed

    I've been trying to do this deed. Not all creatures count. As far as I can determine, only sulokil, bats, rock worms and fire drakes count towards this deed. Crawlers, salamanders, grims and (surprisingly) dire-horns (goats) don't count.

    Does anyone know of any particular area in Dor Amarth where you can kill a decent amount of 'beasts' so that I can get this deed done quickly rather than having to slog around the landscape picking off one creature at a time?

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    Not really. They group together at the base of Mount Doom and main camp you start from. I tended to use my steed very little sowhilst travelling between quests and looking for treasure caches, I could pick off multiple groups en route. It felt less grindy when I killed every beast i saw whilst travelling and doing other things since the landscape has plenty of them, rather than hunting specifically.

    Alternatively, grab a deed accelerator from a skirmish camp and do a blitz.

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    Mouse over the mobs to see what they classify as - most are not beasts. The goats are not beasts, they are fell spirits. The Salamanders are not beasts, they are dragon kin. Oddly enough, either the drakes or the rock worms are beasts, maybe both (I would have thought them both to be dragon kin). The Sulokil (Rhino things) are definitely beasts. Crawlers are not beasts. The cat that runs with the easterlings is a beast. I don't remember if bats classify as beasts or not. For all the things to kill in the zone, few count for the beast slayer deed.



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