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    Property Guard Hound permissions error

    I purchased a Property Guard Hound and set it up in a Small Yard slot but the hound summons did not work like I expected. Permissions for Everyone was set to Use Decorations but no one other than the account owner (moi) could summon the Hound. A GM worked with me and we determined the following:

    Unlike other items placed with the setting of "Use Decoration" the hound does not do this. The hound is set to only recognize the owner of the house.

    Other Property Guards do allow others to summon them if the house permissions are set to Everyone Use Decorations.

    • The Hound does not honor the permissions listing of the house or kin house
    • If the Hound in placed in a Regular/Deluxe House only the House Owner Account can summon the Hound. No one else can summon the hound
    • If the Hound is placed in a Kin House yard all members of the kinship can summon the hound. No one else can summon the hound regardless of their permissions. Even the item owner cannot summon the hound if the owner is not a member of that kin.
    • Toons that have "all permissions" or "use decorations" can place the Hound but they cannot summon it.

    All tests done with either Full Permissions or Use Decoration on the house.

    • Hound Owner sets the hound in Owners House yard. Hound allows all toons on the owners account to summon. No one else can summon.
    • Hound is placed by the owner in a kinship yard. Only kinship members can summon the dog. No one else can summon. Owner cannot summon if not in that kinship. Owner can remove the dog.
    • Hound is placed in a kinship yard. The hounds owner's toons IN that kinship can summon the hound. The owners toons NOT in that kinship cannot summon the hound.

    The GM has already forwarded this information to the appropriate folks at SSG.
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    Good- I'm glad you are bringing-this-bug-up- and I'd like to add, on the Landroval server, I've had the -same- problem with other housing guards. I'd set decorations for "everyone to use," but only I, and not my kinnies, could summon an Elf Guard, or a Rohirric Guard, or really... -any- of them. So this might be a wider problem that is, for SSG, well-worth looking into...
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    Same here.
    I've got a Hound at one house and a Hobbit property guard at another, neither are usable by anyone except the owner even though permissions are set.

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    Just bumping to state this bug is still present as of yesterday.
    SSG: I love this game and intend to keep giving you money. Please add a way to enter or climb the Stone Tower housing decoration from Rangers of Esteldin, that I may then reach the top.



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