The Harnkegger Games is a player-run multi-day sports-like event on Laurelin that is now in its 6th year, and this year will be broadcasting the games in their entirety! Join us Monday, September 11th, through Sunday, September 17th from 2:00pm-4:30pm Eastern (-4 GMT) to watch the event and chat with other viewers! The archives will be put up later on both Twitch and YouTube.

Of course, you can always see the games in-game as well! Visit to get all the info.

Main Event Schedule:

Monday September 11th 2017:
Opening Concert 2:00PM - Thorin's Halls
Opening Ceremony 2:35PM - Thorin's Halls
1) Music Event Semi Final 2:45PM - Thorin's Halls - REGISTRATION EVENT
2) The Spike Jump 3:30PM - Thorin's Halls

Tuesday September 12th 2017:
3) Cross Country Run 2:30PM - Gondamon
4) Fire Run Jump 3:00PM - Thorin's Halls

Wednesday September 13th 2017:
5) Brandywine Long Swim 3:00PM -Brandywine Bridge
6) The Fishing Competition 3:30PM - The Marish

Thursday September 14th 2017:
7) The Relay Run 2:30PM - Gondamon
8) The Sparring Tournament 3:00 - Gondamon

Friday September 15th 2017:
9) The Swim Sprint 3:00PM - Bucklebury Ferry (Breeland side)
10) The Bridge Sprint 3:20PM - Brandywine Bridge
11) The Aquathlon 3:40PM - Brandywine Bridge

Saturday September 16th 2017:
12) The Shire Drunken Merchant Race 3:00PM - Michel Delving (Mathom House)
13) Poetry & Story Contest 3:35PM - Hobbiton (Ivy Bush Inn)

Sunday September 17th 2017:
14) Fence Run 2:00PM - Staddle
15) Music Event Final 3:00PM - Breeland Festival Ground Stage
*) Harnkegger Games Award Ceremony 3:25PM
*) Harnkegger Closing Concert 3:40PM