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    The LOTRO Beacon: Issue #25

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    What is the key to good fishing in LOTRO?

    Good bait

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    Weekly Question 25

    Good bait...and a pole...and a body of water (even a self-contained body of water, like a quarry pond, which can only be filled with rain water and has no ties to any stream, river, creek, lake, etc.).
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    Fish! Raw and wriggling!

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    What is the key to good fishing in LOTRO?

    a Rohirric Fishing Rod
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    Patience and good timing.

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    The key to good fishing in LOTRO:

    Watch the pole, not the bait. If you watch the bait, you may twitch and get nothing. If you watch the pole, when it goes, you got a fish... or weeds?!!

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    What is the key to good fishing in LOTRO?

    Patience... and some killer cosmetics so you look good standing around

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    Good fishing?

    Make sure the water is the right colour. Pink water is sometimes OK. Even in the depths of Moria you can find the occasional fish.
    But green water is bad, m'kay? It looks like weewee and is even worse for you.
    And make sure the stuff in the pools is water, not RED HOT BURNING DEATH LAVA. If your pole melts, that's a clue it's generally not OK to fish there.
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    as long as you catch something, your doing it right. Fishing is like a box of chocolate, you never know what your going to get.

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    What is the key to good fishing in LOTRO?

    No one knows. Otherwise "Fishy. Very Fishy" quest would be completeable

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phindecano View Post
    What is the key to good fishing in LOTRO?

    No one knows. Otherwise "Fishy. Very Fishy" quest would be completeable
    Also, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^!
    Please fix or, at least, address the issue: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...-Fishy-(Quest)

    PS: To quote a Dolphin, "Thanks for all the fish!''

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    What is the key to good fishing in LOTRO?

    Using the right bait in a good spot.
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    What is the key to good fishing in LOTRO?

    A good pole, a nice pond and plenty of patience.
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    What is the key to good fishing in LOTRO?

    A +5 Pole.

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    What is the key to good fishing in LOTRO?

    Location, location, location!
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    It's all about location

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    You must face a body of water.

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    Well the shiniest one of course! Fishies love shinies...

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    Good fishing in LOTRO? Don't do it seriously. You're not fishing to feed your family. You can live without a few festival tokens. Don't force yourself if you don't like it.

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    Here's the list of good needed:

    Spectacles, chair, hat, tea-cup and a list.
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    hot rod

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    What is the key to good fishing in LOTRO?

    Easy, good bait (hobbit children)


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