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    Dec 2010
    "What is your favorite weapon look in LOTRO?"

    My Frying pan and Potato!
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    Weapon look

    Unarmed combat - fisticuffs ( via the /bringiton emote )

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    Cúrandir is my favorite bow.

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    I really love my LM staff from Gondor, with the whole tree at the top...

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    I like sword of knowledge, among others swords.

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    I love my cords in the van, made with lion skin !

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    I saw that LP went on sale today. I decided to buy the $34.99 option, and here's why:

    Price LP LP per $ discount +$/+%
    7.99 700 88 14% 0.55
    19.99 1950 98 23% 1.37
    34.99 4100 117 36% 1.16
    59.99 8850 148 49% 1.90
    99.99 15750 158 52% 12.39
    199.99 33500 168 55% 35.16

    The "discount" column shows the percent discount, compared to the normal deal of $7.99 for 600 LP.

    The last column shows the number of additional dollars you have to pay, going from one package to the next, to achieve an additional 1% of savings.

    For example, going from the $19.99 package to the $34.99 package, you pay an additional $1.16 for every 1% of additional discount. That seems to be a sweet spot in this chart.

    As you go from the $99.99 package to the $199.99 package, you're paying a whopping $35.16 for each additional 1% of discount.
    Thurallor, Warden of Landroval
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    My Guardian's Shield and 1st Age axe

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    I'm honestly not a fan of either of the FA lvl 100 LM staff cosmetics.

    The lvl 50 staff "Siveleth" is perfect for my LM, I doubt I'll ever replace it as my cosmetic staff.

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    Smile My favo sword

    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post

    Thank you for reading the LOTRO Beacon! Don't forget to reply below to the Weekly Comment for your chance to win 500 LOTRO Points. We'll select a random winner after Noon Eastern on Thursday, September 7th. Good luck!
    I love the elvish sword from Mirkwood, Malledhrim sword of warding. Using it on many of my elfs

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    Dec 2010

    What is your favorite weapon look in LOTRO?

    There are a number of really cool Lore-master staves, but one of my favorites, and the one I currently have cosmetically equipped, is the level 100 Staff of the Third Age, with the red jewel.

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    I picked up a really bad-### looking halberd once. Couldn't use it, though, so I vendored it.

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    This golden Well-worn Half-Troll's Cleaver is obviously the most amazing weapon in middle earth!

    The only problem is to hide it well from fellow dwarves...

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    Personally, I like the legendary weapons, the way the 'fire' crackles along their edge.

    I would like to see players being able to take enemy weapons. Be cool to see toons with those nasty Orcish blades!

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    My favorite weapon is my mini's class item from the Raid - Dread Throne of Terror. I still use it over the mordor crafted instrument. Only need to worry about using one instrument.

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    What is your favorite weapon look in LOTRO?

    I prefer axes.

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    Venezuela. :(
    Definitely the Giant Flower.

    It's amazing.

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    A mug of beer in each hand.

    I'd love if there were a a vine of hops for one of the hands of my Brewmaster of the Shire.

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    My LM uses a plain stick cosmetic to disguise the true power of his staff.
    What shows is what there is.

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    My favourite weapon look in the game is the fish.

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    Favorite Wep look

    Shield gfx! varying them and ornate level of them is nice, also on my LM I do like the idea of varying the appearances as well

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    I actually like weapons that have lights on them. I prefer bows that have it. It's just so cool to roam Middle-Earth when there are lights coming off of you it feels like you are special.

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    What is your favorite weapon look in LOTRO?

    My mini always uses one of Sigileth's knives, usually Egnassigil.

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    Which LOTRO weapon appearance do I prefer?

    Frying pan and flower of course

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    What is your favorite weapon look in LOTRO?

    Not too picky as long as my daggers are a matched set.


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