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    Finding an RP Kin on Laurelin

    Well, more specifically, one that's active and engages in RP. Seems a little more of a challenge for me to find so far than anticipated. Any ideas, I'm open to 'em.
    Here's copypasta from the kinships recruitment thread I posted on:

    Your name: Jonnen Pepperseed, man of Bree
    Age: 33
    Preferred server: Laurelin
    Location: Florida, Eastern Time - primarily play most days for a bit either 4-6pm and/or 7-9pm EST
    Playstyle: Solo, group, PvE, casual, RP, time limited, crafter
    MMO games you’ve played: Lotro off and on, just resubscribed. Eve for 11 years now. ESO, STO
    Why kinships should be interested in you: I'm happy to lend a hand in pve, and can farm mats and craft to support kinmates. Primarily, as I am seeking a semi-casual, RP guild, I can offer engaging and entertaining in character RP in a mature manner (smaller, interpersonal character-based stuff, not munchy cheesy campy stuff).
    What kind of kinship you are looking for: RP-focused. Somewhere in between way too casual and much too serious. I am an Eve online lifer, and the playerbase average is older than my 33 years - I'm used to playing with adults and would prefer a kin with a minimum age limit - sorry, no kids please.

    Laurelin Archives character link: http://laurelinarchives.org/profile/16844
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    Hmm, what sort of kinship theme would you be looking for? Would you prefer a kinship that RP's villains or folk that aren't up to any good, something more military, etc? I took a look at your character and wondered if The Bloody Dawn might suit your interests. They seem pretty active, and their roleplays seem to center around grittier themes, delving in shifty business, where making money is the number one priority. Although I haven't been on Laurelin as often and am usually in the Elf RP scene, I've seen a fair few of these guys about. Here's their LA page if you're interested! http://laurelinarchives.org/node/17910
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    Ah, I remember seeing this LA profile recently. He sounds delightfully mischievous

    The Bloody Dawn is a sellsword/mercenary kinship. I don't think a panhandling bard quite fits with that.

    There was a start-up kin called "People of Bree" that cropped up recently, though I don't know how active or populated it is. http://laurelinarchives.org/node/43589

    I haven't seen a decent outlaw-type kinship around Bree for too long, which is a shame. Perhaps you could get one started? There have been some passing kinships of that sort in the past, but none that are currently active.
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