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    I like the sound my little jeweler tools make.

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    What is your favorite musical instrument in LOTRO?

    Any instrument that I can't play in real life, because I respect the lotro characters to be able to play those without any experience.
    (Meaning all of the instruments because I can't play any in real life.)

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    What Is Your Favorite Musical Instrument in LOTRO:...

    In my opinion, there is one sound which rises above all others in my mind... the Horn. When you hear a horn sounding, it is the sound of victory which is the sweetest sound after a long fought battle on the plains!

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    What Is My Favorite Musical Instrument in LOTRO...

    I closed my eyes to think on this, and what I heard was that lovely flute sound, which reminded me of the beautiful scenery of the Shire. Sam and Frodo must have heard that often.

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    Favourite musical instrument? A glass of beer. Drunken hobbit muttering are too amusing.

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    What is your favorite musical instrument in LOTRO?

    For me it's the Flute. It's the sound of The Shire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hannariel View Post
    I love my class item lute. Even over the Mordor crafted ones. But for concerts, it all depends on the songs.
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