Hello everyone,

I have 2 doubts, maybe requests.
1 - I'm using "Extended and enhanced panels" UI Skin and in it there is an option to make the map windowed.
Is this in the skindefinition.xml:

<!-- Map Window, by Eclipse -->
<PanelFile ID="ID_UISkin_MapPanel">
<Element ID="MapBackground" X="0" Y="0" Width="1024" Height="768"> </Element>
<!-- End of Map Window -->

As you can see, the map is 1024x768. I tried to resize it to 800x600 but when I do it the map image is cut and the data do not display correctly.
Is there anyway for me to edit this and make my map display smaller than 1024x768? How can I do it?

2 - In the game options, I can set the "Quest Tracker" to visible or invisible. There is also a key toggle for the Radar.
Is it possible to make a plugin that shows me a button that will toggle the visibility of both the "Quest Tracker" and the Radar"? That would make my UI cleaner and give me the option to quickly display quest related info.

Thanks in advance.