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    Sindarin translation


    I'd like to translate "Silver Moon" to Sindarin, using the words "Ithil" for "Moon" and "Celeb" for "Silver".
    Are these words ok to use in this context ?
    If so, would a proper translation be "Celeb Ithil" or "Ithil Celeb" ?

    Thanks !

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    my knowledge is limited but I think it depends on what meaning of 'silver moon' you are trying to impart.

    ithil refers to the full moon.
    cúran - the crescent Moon.
    cýron - new moon

    Celeb is silver but celebren is like silver (in hue or worth)
    and celevon is of silver

    If you mean a full moon of the colour silver then I think ithil celebren is more accurate.
    If you are talking about a physical crescent-moon shaped object made out of silver - cúran celevon

    Mix and match as needed.
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    The first one, ithil celebren, is what I had in mind.
    Thank you for the useful information !

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    I'm back with another question regarding a Sindarin translation : how would you translate "Fireblade" or "Blade of fire" (or sword) ?
    It would be for an Epessë, a "surname", so in one word if it's possible.

    Thank you for your help !

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    I'm by no means an expert in Sindarin, but as no-one has answered yet I'll have a go.

    Fire-blade should be Naur-hathol, Blade of fire would be Hathol ned naur.

    If you'd like to be more specific, if the blade in question is a sword, it would be Nor-crist or Crist ned naur.

    If anyone more knowledgeable would like to correct me on any of that, feel free. As I said I'm no expert, that is simply my best guess.

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    Thank you for your suggestions !



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