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    Create New Kinship - Adding Alts

    After creating a new Kinship, can I add my alts without adding others first? If so, how?


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    Create a second f2p account, get a toon on the new account out of the intro and park him wherever. Open up your primary account in addition to the secondary account and go where you parked the first toon. invite to kin, toggle to the secondary account and accept, toggle back and make the new toon an officer. Then reverse the process and log in to your alts 1 by 1 on your primary account and have the new officer invite your alts by toggling back and forth between accounts.
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    Simpler would be to find someone willing to do you a small favor.

    Make him or her an officer (not leader) making sure nothing precious is in the kin vault. Have the person invite all of your alts then leave the kin. I know of no way someone can take advantage of this to hurt you or the kin as long as you remain leader and the kin vaults are empty.

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