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    Cheese on toast, of course

    Dwarf minstrels - terrifying the enemies of Middle Earth with their close-harmony singing since the First Age.

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    "What is the equivalent of pizza in Middle-earth?"

    A Gondorian Beruthiel (Margarita) pizza:

    Pelargiran flat-bread, topped with fresh Anfalasian tomatoes brought by merchants from the Green Hills, with a drizzle of Andrastian parsley, a dash of old Harondoran olive oil, long since preserved from the good ole' days, a touch of Beren's Blood wine from Dol Amroth from the vintage of the City's Founding shall be added to the sauce, and it shall all be topped with melted Old Calembel cheese.

    For your dietary exercise program, directed by one Lord Forlong of Lossarnach, and in memory of Queen Beruthiel: Thou shalt runeth up and down all Seven Tiers of Minas Tirith seven times, and ye shalt count each and every cat thou shalt seeth along the way.

    ((See "A Funny Thing that Happened on the Way to the Forum" for running around "The Seven Hills of Rome seven times" reference ))
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    Dale-men crams
    Theodwaldric (Minstrel, Man) | Eohelmric (Lore-Master, Man) | Tinnuvegil (Captain, Man) | Einsdir (Guardian, Dwarf) | Drakhorin (Rune-Keeper, Dwarf) | Thrordrim (Champion, Dwarf) | Mylthir (Warden, Elf) | Daelain (Hunter, Elf) | Rogro (Burglar, Hobbit) | Fornbeorn (Beorning, Beorning)

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    Quote Originally Posted by LemmingPie View Post
    Ooo... A pasty sounds like it's similar to a calzone which is pizza-like so I'll have to go with a nice meat pasty instead of pie.
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