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    LOTRO Store Not Launching?

    Since at least yesterday, I have been utterly unable to get the LOTRO Store to fully launch in-game, even after tweaking my firewall settings, etc. At the most, the store-window pops up onscreen in a partial window-overlay over the main game itself, but when I click on it, the entire game minimizes back to my desktop, though I can still re-maximize it again. But I still can't even access the store in any capacity at the moment, and was wondering if anyone else was having the same issues I seem to be having. Or, if there's something I need to adjust in my settings, what might that be?

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    I'm getting the same issue too. Kaspersky picked up lotrobrowserhelper.exe as USDangerousObject.Multi.Generic and quarantined the file. I have released it and rescanned, But, to access the store I have to pause my AV. I do have other means of protection so not too bothered for a few mins, but this is strange as it not showing as being blocked.

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    I don't think it has anything to do with the Kaspersky issue. Kaspersky constantly deleted this file after log in for me until it was resolved. I just made several purchases in the store.

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    had the same problem as a Kaspersky user. Getting that file out of quarantine is not enough, you have to manually mark it as an exception (?) - sorry, german user, don't know how the wording in the english kaspersky client would be. And i also had to remove it from the unsafe programms part.

    and to the friendly user who always reminds us that Kaspersky is tied to the FSB. Yes, may be so. Maybe they know everything i am doing. But so does they NSA. And Google. And Facebook. And the Illumniatii. And the whole internet if it wants to.



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