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    Visual Guide to Udûn


    Here it is, good luck:

    Ok, I'm just kidding. Obviously that is way too difficult to really discern and understand. Here is the break down on a deed/quest level:

    * Note: If the quest objective is a ring and easily reached, it won't be featured here. Just open the map and run to the ring.

    Deed: The Way Into Mordor

    * The Durthang tower-top is accessibly only by going through Durthang proper. The guide to Durthang can be found https://thebeardedminstrel.blogspot....-durthang.html

    Deed: Forgeworks of Udûn

    Deed: Forge-fires of Udûn

    Server: Landroval
    Characters: Batcher Breygar Archadius Rhumili Norgald Rudfur

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    Quest: Lost Lore of Gorgoroth: Udûn

    Pages 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10,14 and 16 are in Udûn proper.
    Pages 6 and 15 are in Anglach.
    Pages 11 and 12 are in Durthang.
    Page 13 is in Durthang Tower-tup and is at the very top of Durthang Tower.

    Quests: Signal Flags in Udûn

    The quests Whispers and Signs, An Answer Unspoken, and Advanced Signs are detailed below:

    Quests: The Things They Left Behind

    The rest of these are not 100% complete yet, if you find more information, please share and I will update accordingly.
    Server: Landroval
    Characters: Batcher Breygar Archadius Rhumili Norgald Rudfur

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    Deed: Rare Gorgoroth Chests of Udûn (Incomplete)

    Deed: Treasures of Udûn (Incomplete)

    Black Uruk Enforcers & Durthang Spies (Incomplete)

    The following mobs are needed for the quests "The Fists of Ugrukhor and The Ears of Ugrukhor"

    Server: Landroval
    Characters: Batcher Breygar Archadius Rhumili Norgald Rudfur

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    Well done my bearded friend! I salute you.

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    This is fan-FREAKING-tastic! Thank you SO much for this. My god this makes things way easier

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    Wonderful job! Thank you!!
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    just an update:

    Lost Lore of Gorgoroth: Talath Úrui: Singed page #6 [61.6S, 21.5E] the coordinate are switched with Singed page #13 [61.7S, 21.1E]

    Thank you for doing this!

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    +++ much rep. Awesome effort

    Thank you The Bearded Minstrel

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    Thumbs up

    Thank you Gonzalo!

    Permanently retired. Was Kibilturg, Guardian of Imladris (then Landroval & Crickhollow) and ~40 alts.

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    Have they moved the locations for spies? Because I stepped on every stone at the center spy locations and south from there, but there was nothing. Even waited for a while for respawns.

    There's definitely one spy at 44.5S 8.1E (Maudhul Tar camp) - that's a bit more east from the easternmost spy location on the map here. He's standing right next to a watchtower (there's two towers on each side of the road in the camp, he's under the right one)

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    Very nice compilation of work. Thank you for posting and sharing it.
    I dance for cookies!

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    I think I am finally clear of Mordor after many months of questing. This guide was invaluable, thanks so much for posting it.

    Loved my experiences in Mordor, very rich experience.
    His sword was long, his lance was keen, his shining helm afar was seen.

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    Very good guide.

    By way of constructive suggestion not criticism or lack of gratitude - I note that many people focus on the black book. Especially now with an increasing amount of higher level content far fewer people try to do everything.

    The map of Durthang could be greatly improved with little effort by noting where the three doors are (even approximately) and then where the mob you need to kill is, for the black book quest.

    First floor eastern area for the benefit of any newcomers to the zone reading this thread.

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    Thanks mate for this just got here to Mordor and I must say its only taken half a day to nearly finish the map because of this my heartfelt thanks much love mate ty ty ty

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    I know this is an older post, but I just wanted to thank you so much! I'm a returning player and these are very helpful!



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