Also Shenti of the Lonely Mountain Band graciously arrived and played many beautiful songs for us. Oh the lovely, lively tunes that were heard over the neighborhood that day!

We were joined by Kyola, a friend of Solmer’s, who had a very well-behaved hound dog named Faroth, who did not howl at all when the music was playing. And Solmer’s little fox Bandit was very well-behaved too, and did not even once chase Molly or even so much as glance at the chicken coup.

There was one moment of panic when we saw a dragon flying overhead!!

But then we realized it was only Solmer’s kite. I felt pretty silly then for running around in circles, screaming and flapping my hands at a dragon kite! Hah! Just glad no orcs saw that! Wouldn’t want them to think I was going soft.

At last, the shadows began to lengthen and the evening was drawing on. It had been a lovely day over the Shire and we all felt that although Moose had not been there in person, we had felt his presence in the spirit of fun and friendship we had shared with one another. We set off one last round of fireworks, and then said our goodbyes.

As I settled once again in my Mossy Wicker Chair, I marveled once again at how one person’s small action can set off such a lovely chain of events and bring about echoes of goodwill which continue through the years. I smiled as I gazed at the rainbow over the Shire, and thought to myself “Thank you, Moose”.