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    Chapter 3.5 of the Black Book of Mordor - The Song of Sweet Lara

    The quest expects me to find a scholar and a book inside the Houses of Lore in Minas Tirith. However, neither of them is anywhere in sight; the quest ring is not visible on the map at all.
    Did anyone experience such an issue?

    My only guess is that the quest might be accessible in Minas Tirith - After the Battle, but I haven't done the corresponding epic and don't feel like doing a book or two for this particular quest.
    Or is this a false assumption? Did anyone complete the 3.5 quest without switching to a different version of MT?

    I'm not a fraid.

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    Update: it is indeed located in After Battle MT. You can get there by using a map (10 silver coins) from the quartermaster in case you haven't completed the epic book.

    I'm not a fraid.

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    the dev who hid the book needs his paycheck hid...
    dont worry the dev's are working on a fix that fixes the fix that fixed the fix that was fixing the fix....

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    If you think about it, it makes logic.. timewise, when you're sent back to the scholar in House of Lore, it is to Minas Tirith after battle, otherwise you would travel back in time.

    You really don't have to barter the return to Minas Tirith after battle travel location, you can use the travel to Minas Tirith, and use the horse (portal) to after battle Minas Tirith.

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    found it...

    It is indeed After Battle Minas Tirith, the two objectives are located upstairs in the house of lore on the fifth circle. Once inside, the quest tracker didn't pick up the objectives. But go upstairs, open some doors. You will find the scholar with a ring over her head, and then the book is in another little room down the hall.

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    To be precise, the book is in the room in the SouthWest corner of the map, the scholar (Covadil) is in the SouthEast corner of the map. You will need to open a couple of doors.



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