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    Fushaum Resolution

    I don't think I've ever wrote a post complaining about a single quest before.

    My reasoning is that you can either ask a friend to help, get better gear, get a few more levels, get advice about better tactics, or simply just don't do it, it's not the end of the world if you don't.

    However, this time I'm speechless! This quest is blocking the rest of the Mordor chains in Talath Urui, so you can't ignore it. I have the best gear that someone can get/craft/barter so far (Hunter 115 with 43K morale, 95K mastery, 56K Finesse, etc.). Tried huntsman (can't kill the ranged attacker fast enough), tried trapper (traps don't work reliably on them, don't ask me why).

    It involves fighting 3 signatures level 112 that attack you at the same time, on a bridge, from different directions, one of them a ranged attacker.

    I will eventually find a friend or more to help me (not a lot of people are at cap right now), but until then I'm stuck without anything else to do. This is preposterous and there were concerns in the BR forum about this quest. On top of that you get respawned at the normal res circle which is quite far and you have to ride back for a few minutes...

    Please deal with several of the issues here to help other players avoid all this frustration.


    1. Do NOT have the rest of the quests behind such a difficult one.
    2. Do NOT respawn us so far away
    3. Do NOT keep the difficulty of the attackers so high.
    4. Please PLAY it with ALL the classes before release, I can not believe that a 112 level hunter with normal questing gear will ever beat this alone. And if it is NOT supposed to be solo, then tag it as small fellowship and see 1.

    Thank you
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    This is easy instance....

    They already RUINED pit-fighter, stop suggesting more mordor nerfs that ruin the feel of mordor.

    Edit. I played this in beta on 4 different classes (burg, champ, hunter, minstrel) and I must say hunter probably had easiest time... Not only you have OP self heal but I pretty much nuked first target before them even reaching me.
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    And now let's have some constructive advice from someone who isn't a known forum troll...

    The devs themselves say you're supposed to be able to fight one signature. Here are three, each with 3x your morale. It's bloody hard if you don't think laterally.

    I've just soloed it and after dying twice, the key is to make Malatuk run away, so dps him first. I'm on hunter too, and used the fact you have quite a lot of running space to kite my way around Fushaum Bal. Tripwire on first boss to come to you, then concentrate on Malatuk, and if you die after he's run off you can clean up without needing to restart the whole instance.

    You do need to think laterally about positioning, though.
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    This quest is absolutely idiotic. I've tried it like 5 times, and die within 30 seconds of those 3 attacking. I've tried to LFF for this, to no avail. So I'm stuck with nothing really to do in Mordor at this point, since I can't advance without finishing this garbage. I've been trying to finish some of the Lore quests/Allegiance quests to try to gain some XP to level up and try again.. but it's pointless.

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    This is quite easy on hunter tbh, I never even dropped below 70% morale.
    Just nuke the ranged one and kite the other dudes.

    On cappy it was somewhat harder, but with proper use of cd's I got it done as well.
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    You don't have to fight on the bridge. Before the fighting begins, run to the right, off of the bridge. Once enemies become hostile, just barely get on the bridge to trigger the first group, then the second, then the third. You can take as long of a breather as you need between waves doing this.

    Once the bosses activate, used a ranged attack to hit the solo boss withou going on the bridge and kill him, then fight the last two, using the boulder to kite around or use as protection.

    Beat it the second time as a redline mini.

    Basically, by going off the bridge, the fight goes like this:

    Step on bridge, trigger two minor enemies, get off of bridge, kill enemies

    Heal, take a breather, etc.

    Step on bridge, trigger two more minor enemies, get off of bridge, kill enemies

    Heal, take a breather, etc.

    Step on bridge, trigger two more minor enemies, get off of bridge, kill enemies

    Heal, take a breather, etc.

    Attack the single boss closest to you without stepping on bridge. Kill him.

    Heal, take a breather, etc.

    Trigger the last two bosses. One surrender's at about 1/4 remaining health the other must be killed.
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    Thanks Lethal. Just some additional. When you run off the platform run far enough to get bad guys to the bottom. When going to get the first boss be very careful. Go to far up ramp and all will come. I concentrated on the guy who is not Matusak or something like that.
    In game I am Staradan and if anyone knows how I can change it here please let me know. It's a game have fun.



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