We are currently working on a hotfix that will allow us to deliver Arias of the Valar to players who did not receive them after our Mordor expansion debuted yesterday. We are working on a build tonight, and plan to check it out overnight. If everything checks out, we intend to have downtime tomorrow to apply the hotfix. There’s always a possibility an issue will arise that prevents us from deploying the hotfix tomorrow morning (Eastern time), but that is our current plan. We will have downtime information as soon as possible.

For people missing their Arias of the Valar: Once we re-open the worlds following the hotfix, the Aria of the Valar will be delivered to the first character you log into that has the Novice characteristic. So, it does not matter which character you logged into yesterday; the item will be delivered to your first qualified character you log into AFTER tomorrow’s fix. Please make sure you log into the server you intend to use the Aria of the Valar on. The Aria of the Valar is Bound to Account until opened, at which point the item becomes Bound to Character.

We apologize for the delay in receiving your Arias of the Valar, and are working quickly to get them to you. Thanks!