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    Server Event- Chicken run to Minas Tirith!

    Chicken Run event!

    Hello everyone!
    I'm going to be escorting chickens to Minas Tirith on Saturday August 19th at 5pm server time for the Lord/Lady of the Wings title.

    We'll be running from Sandson's Farm in the Shire all the way to Minas Tirith so plan for about 3.5 hours of travel time to do it with some small breaks in between some areas. Everyone is welcome to join as either a chicken or an escort. If you'd like to help us get some chickens to Minas Tirith or be a chicken, just send me a message here, leave a reply or get in touch with me in game on Rhysai/Nhatasha/Iseault. If you aren't sure about being able to go, no worries, just be at Sandson's Farm at 4:45pm Saturday to join in! We'll be communicating on Dischord as well so if you want to join in to talk I'll send the link the day of the event, make sure you've downloaded it.

    Please note:
    In order to do the quest: Great Wide Open, you will need to do prequests to be able to join us and complete the deed for the title Lord/Lady of the Wings.
    Please see this guide to help you through the quest chains without frustrations.

    Chicken Quest Guide

    You will need to do the following quests at Sandson's Farm to open the Great Wide Open quest:
    1. Which Laid First
    2. The Early Bird
    3. The Sky is Falling
    4. Flying the Coop
    5. Flying the Coop -- Bree-Land/Ered Luin/Evendim/Lone-lands/North Downs/Trollshaws
    6. Returning to Wald

    Doing these chains will open two additions quests:
    Free Range - not necessary to do before the run

    Great Wide Open - this is what we will be doing so make sure you have it open before Saturday!

    Hope to see you all there
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