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    A Horse Race Across Eriador

    Greetings all from Fainamdir of Crickhollow.

    I would like to see if there are any interested in organizing two horse races across Eriador. The longer one for Warsteeds and higher level players from 70-level cap, the other for normal horses and players under level 70. At each town listed, you must stop and eat and drink all the food and drinks handed out to you before continuing on.

    My proposed routes are:
    For the warsteed Riders - Thorins Hall - Gondamon - Michael Delving - Bywater - Stock - Adso's Camp - Prancing Pony Inn - Forsaken Inn - Top of Weathertop - Ost Guruth - Barachen's Camp, Thorenhad, Last Homely House (Elrond's Study) - Gloin's Camp (Misty MOuntains finish line)

    For the Normal horse riders - Thorins Hall - Gondamon - Michael Delving - Stock - Adso's Camp - Prancing Pony (finish line)

    Note for the warsteed riders. I know the rivers in Rivendell in particular can be painful while riding through there, and if you fall in, simply get out wherever possible and continue on!

    Just seeing if there is any interest for now.

    There will be a prize at the end for those willing to compete this race.

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    I have several 50 and under characters on Crickhollow. I would be interested.
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    Great to hear!

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    I would be in, but much would depend on day/time. However, the enthusiasm is there! More social and fun events like this are always welcome.
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    Although Crick isn't my main server, I would love to participate. I can level a character to 30 or so. If needed I would be happy to help out instead of racing though

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    I will likely need some help for the race, like food handing out, making the food etc.
    It will sometime late this month, warning will be given a week before the event.

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    If timezones are a problem i'd still be happy to at least craft things. I would recommend putting the event on LOTROArtists with a brief description so that people can see it no matter what server they are on and this should boost the amount of participants.

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    I do believe that you will run into a problem with the war steed race depending on the class of steed. The light steed runs faster than a heavy one, so it will make the race uneven from the beginning. Also you will need to make sure that all the normal horses run at the same speed. You wouldn't want someone with an advanced riding trait having an unfair advantage. And just so you know it takes half an hour to get from Thorins hall to Weathertop on a normal steed. Judging by your route it's going to be a long race.



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