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    An Adventurer's Guide to Mordor

    An Adventurer's Guide to Mordor

    Here lies a woven account of the Ashen plains, detailing a rough guide to the lands of Mordor following the fall of Sauron. This guide is ongoing and will try to contain a complete telling of the various adventures to be had throughout the plateau of Gorgoroth as the conquest explores the lands recently liberated from Sauron’s grasp (and seized by others).


    Note: I would like to thank the many Bullroarer members that assisted with the collection of information that has been compiled into this guide.

    Pre-requisites to Mordor:

    Before one is able to enter Mordor, a player must first be required to complete the newest Epic Book, Volume IV – Book 9: The Ring of Power. Doing so completes the Battle of the Black Gate and hence removes the death field from the Wastes and allows a player to pass through the Morannon. This book begins at Aragorn in the Slag-Hills (follow wooden bridge west from the milestone), or if you have not started book 8 yet, head instead to Aragorn at the Camp of the Host.

    Of Special Note:

    + Before entering Dor Amarth it is recommended you complete the first complete Chapter 1 and 2.1 of the Black Book of Mordor to obtain the +12 Light of Earendil pocket item. As of 21.0.2 this item has now been fixed and is recommended as an entry level item with the finesse it also gives.

    + The Auto-Bestow quest "Continue the Conquest" requires you to reach near completion of Gorgoroth. Thanks to the help of Hephburz-2 and their thread here: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...46#post7759146 It has been discovered that there's a hidden deed needed for completion in order to start the dailies.
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    The Plateau of Gorgoroth

    The Mordor Expansion features itself around the new zone known as the Plateau of Gorgoroth. This area is split into five separate zones of Udûn, Dor Amarth, Lhingris, Talath Urui and Agarnaith. Technically Orodruin counts as a sixth due to the mountain’s size – but only really works as an extension of Dor Amarth. Each zone has various quest chains and deeds to work through. Each zone has its own unique theme and style of enemies to encounter and work past.
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    Level Range: 106 - 108

    Following Sauron's demise, the various forges, foundries weapon halls and smelteries constructed in the valley of Udûn have been left in shambles, with acid pools and waste left free to pour out onto the landscape and foul orc villages and encampments clutter along the roads, as they prepared for the Host of the West. Slaves that survived the initial quakes and blast of ring's destruction still work away, not knowing that the liberation that awaits them. Yet, many ancient curses and hidden evils still lie within the tall strongholds of Durthang and Anglach, waiting to pour out onto careless explorers seeking to pillage the once mighty war-machine.

    Quests of Udûn

    [105] The Ash of Gorgoroth Introductory quest to the new Ash system. See the High-Enchanter at the Udûn Foothold.

    [106] A Foothold in Mordor *Vector Quest from Sador at the Black Gate*

    Of Gears and Goats
    [106] Gearworks (Auto bestow off forgeworkers)
    • [106] Gear in the Machine
    • [106] Turning the Gears
    • [106] The Caretaker

    The Slaves of Udûn - Quest Arc
    [106] Whispers and Signs
    • [106] An Answer Unspoken
    • [107] Advanced Signs
    • [106] The Overseer's Post* Look for the pool of blood at [42.2S, 5.0E]
    • [106] Three Proofs* Make sure you go to Black Gate last & have Yorda out prior to doing so
    • [107] A Reluctant Leader
    • [107] What Was Spoken and What Revealed

    The Search of Captain Lachir - Quest Arc
    [106] A Tedious Search:
    • [106] Open and Shut
    • [107] A More Thorough Lockdown
    • [106] The Lonely Lookout
    • [107] The Dark Depths of Anglach
    • [107] The Fatal Prize
    • [107] A Solemn Gathering

    *Auto Bestow Quests*
    [106] A Few Come Forward* For some reason the npcs in this quest take an extraordinarily long time for them to respawn, so during your experience of this quest you may find empty quest rings on the tracker. This means that someone has just recently used the same npc and there's around a 3-5+ minute wait for a the npcs to reload.
    [106] Things they left Behind
    [106] A Sneak Amongst the Leavings
    [106] Mornaur: Fruits of the Forge
    [106] Mornaur: Aganbâr the Cruel
    [106] Mornaur: Forgeworkers
    [106] The Ears of Ugrukhôr
    [107] The Fists of Ugrukhôr
    [107] Anglach: Fragments of the Past
    [107] Anglach: Hammers Raised
    [107] Durthang: Lowering the Guards
    [107] Durthang: Prized Possessions
    [107] Durthang: Sorcerer's Baubles
    [107] Durthang: Talons and Venom
    [107] Durthang: Lieutenants of Ugrukhôr
    [A] [107] Lost Lore of Gorgoroth: Udûn
    [108] Anglach: Four to Open

    When both "A Solemn Gathering" & "What Was Spoken and What Revealed" are completed:
    [107] The Burning Plains of Dor Amarth

    *Best done alongside the Black Book of Mordor epic story as it takes you through these locations
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    Dor Amarth

    Level Range: 108 - 109

    The eruption of Mt Doom has led to the break in the plateau of Gorgoroth. What was once a vast battlefield and mustering plain under Sauron's control, has now become a dangerous mine field of volcanic jets, crevasses, quake-lines and sinkholes. Being said, loyal orcs and men still stand guard over the might ruins of Barad Dur, hoping that the Dark Lord will eventually come and return in glory and lead them once more. Many Easterlings and Haradrim also stay to pillage the spoils of these lands as payment for the rewards promised by Sauron.

    Quests of Dor Amarth

    *The Treasures of Barad-Dur line*
    [108] The Reluctant Captive
    • [108] The Legacy of Barad-Dûr
    • [108] The Search for Sapakár
    • [108] The Shadow of Narchaw
    • [108] Treasures Forgotten
    • [108] The Wrath of Glúrugoth* When finishing Shadow of Narchaw run out of room and back inside to trigger the quest – then proceed to examine the cell’s doors and prepare for a fight
    • [108] Edge of the Abyss
    • [109] The Ithil-Stone* Careful! This is a difficult instance, prepare to face 3 strong enemies on one. The trick to keeping Ingold alive is take the Wraith first as it reflects shadow damage onto him
    • *[109] The Lhingris Threat *Completion unlocks access to Lhingris' quests
    • [109] The Raiding Parties
    • [109] Welcomed Meats
    • [109] The Lost Spear
    • [109] Disorder of The Eye
    • [109] Aiglos
    • [109] Beyond the Burning Plain

    *The Stout-Axes & Fire-Horns Line*
    • [108] A Land of Ash and Shadow
    • [108] The Dwarves of Mordor
    • [108] Emissary of the Stout-Axes
    • [108] At the Mistresses Bidding The spot directly south of Lugash is not actually a group of NPCs but in fact an axe that is left by the edge of a precipice. It did not end well for them
    • [108] Blinding the Watcher-Stones
    • [108] The Path to the Flaming Spire
    • [108] The Dominion of Zòreth
      • [108] Secrets of the Order
      • [108] Worked to the Bone
      • [108] Those We Have Lost
      • [108] Forged by the Master
    • [108] Within the Bones of Barad-Dûr
    • [108] A House Forged Anew
    • [109] Of Pride, Green and Loss
    • [109] The Fates of the Damned
    • [109] A Final Plea
    • [109] Breaking the Oath-taker’s Horn
      • [109] A House Divided
      • [109] Mastering the Forges
      • [109] Under a Wicked Crown
    • [109] The Wisdom of Zôreth
    • *[109] Into the Abyss *If "The Lhingris Threat" is not completed at this stage, this quest also unlocks access to "In Search of the Spider Queen" from Legolas and the rest of Lhingris.

    *Automatic Quests*
    [108] A Camp in Ruin
    [108] Hidden Amongst the Ruin
    [108] The Guards of Barad-Dûr
    [108] Under the Order
    [108] Prisoners of the Dark Lord
    [108] Whispers of the Ered Lithui
    [A] [109] Lost Lore of Gorgoroth: Dor Amarth

    *Bestowed by the Watcher-Stone located at [43.6S, 20.2E]*
    [109] The Watcher of Ered Lithui
    • [109] The Lost Towers
    • [109] A Dreadful Treachery
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    Level Range: 110 - 111

    Sitting between the Ephel Duath and Morgai ridges, the valley of Lhingris and its outposts have become overwhelmed by the swarms of spiders, crawlers and gredbyg that have come swarming up from the pits below. The scrambled orcs and men remaining from the many watches set by the Dark Lord are now devoured by the ravenous horde, or become unwilling servants of the Spider-Queen.
    From the gates of Durthang to the Dath Nethryn, everything and everyone within this vale acts in accordance to the designs of their Mistress, weaver of webs and keeper of the dark depths.

    Quests of Lhingris

    [110] In search of the Spider Queen Vector Quest from Legolas following the completion of The Lhingris Threat
    • [110] And Unrelenting Hunger
    • [110] The Fate of Durthang
      • [110] Foes of Light
    • [110] The Silent One
      • [110] Skittering in the Dark
    • [110] Deadly Stillness
    • [110] Whispers of the Enemy
    • [110] Drawn to Death
    • [110] Tracking the Enemy
      • [110] Devoured from Within
      • [110] A Meal Unfit for an Orc
      • [110] A New Brood
      • [110] Well-preserved
    • [110] Watchers of the Morgai
      • [110] Clearing the Way
    • [110] An Ambusher Ambushed
    • [A] [110] The Choices of Master Samwise* Session Play – Earliest non-lore quest in Mordor to reward any Allegiance Points
    • [110] Finding the Path
    • [110] Silencing the Silent One
      • [110] The Broods of Lhingris
      • [110] The Hollowed of Dath Nethryn
      • [110] Lost in Lhingris
    • [111] A Fly in The Web

      *Cirith Ungol Disguise Arc*
    • [111] Ignoble Duties
      • [111] Cleaning Up Shagrat's Garrison
      • [111] Keeping Them on Guard
      • [111] Wake Up, Sluggards
      • [111] Wretched Webs
      • [111] Deadly or Dead
      • [111] A Right Mess
      • [111] Ready for The Tarks
      • [111] Time Enough for a Meal
      • [111] Too Many Legs
    • [111] The Search for the Elf-Warrior
      • [111] The Search: Iant Angos
      • [111] The Search: Fennas Gost
      • [111] The Search: Torech Ungol
    • [111] Will of the Pale Herald
    • [111] Orders from the Top
    • [A] [111] Necessary Sacrifices -- Completing This quest will phase the entire inside of Cirith Ungol. Once phased, instead of a relatively calm area it becomes infested and swarming with both aggressive orcs and spiders. It is recommended that the pages and discovery deeds from inside the fortress are completed before this quest for the sake of ease.

      *Siege of Cirith Ungol*
    • [111] Tremors in the Ephel-Dúath
    • [111] The Hunger of Shelob
      • [111] Against the Shadow
      • [111] Captured and Cornered
      • [111] Eyes in the Dark
      • [111] Her Ladyship’s Lair
      • [111] The Enmity of Shelob
      • [111] Children of Terror
    • [111] A Message for the Pale Herald
    • [A] [111] Gnats in Her Net

    *Auto Quests:*
    [A] [111] Lost Lore of Gorgoroth: Lhingris
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    Talath Úrui

    Level Range: 112 - 113

    Despite receiving most of the damage from Mt Doom's explosion, the southern half of Gorgoroth has only widened in dangers as it now features the Ghâshghurm, the sea of fire, that pours out from the broken cone of the Orodruin. Strongholds and ruined keeps from Gondor's time line the hills of the Morgai and the barrier to Nurn, the Maegond Spur, while various additional staging posts scatter along the main roads. Many orcs still patrol the keeps to which they were assigned, with even greater enemies indulging in the flaming wastes.

    Quests of Talath Úrui

    [112] The Shattered Plateau* Wrapper quest for the first part of Talath Úrui, the quests involving Fushaum Bal and Dâr Mauzur quests
    *The Fushaum Bal Line*
    • [112] Fushaum Conflict
      Fushaum Bal Repeatables -- Only available until "The Fushaum Resolution" is completed:
      • [112] Fushaum Bal South: Destroying the Watch
      • [112] Fushaum Bal South: Attacking the Unwelcome
      • [112] Fushaum Bal South: A Small Act of Kindness***
      • [112] Fushaum Bal South: Dealing in Stealing
      • [112] Fushaum Bal South: Turning Sides
      • [112] Fushaum Bal South: Khirgi’s Bridge Guards
      • [112] Fushaum Bal South: Khirgi’s Elite
      • [112] Fushaum Bal South: Khirgi’s Scouts
      • [112] Fushaum Bal South: The Bandit's Stash
      • [112] Fushaum Bal North: Burning the Lawless
      • [112] Fushaum Bal North: Attacking the Lawless
      • [112] Fushaum Bal North: The Daily Feed***
      • [112] Fushaum Bal North: Collecting Treasure
      • [112] Fushaum Bal North: Deceptive Challenger
      • [112] Fushaum Bal North: Fushaum Bal Raiders
      • [112] Fushaum Bal North: Need for Greed
      • [112] Fushaum Bal North: Shatúrro the Spear
      • [112] Fushaum Bal North: Shatúrro’s Hired Hands

    • [A][112] The Fushaum Resolution* -- Note! All of these above repeatables lock once this quest is completed. Due to a sparsity of quests, it is recommended that all of these are completed at least ONCE in order to ensure that the overall quest deed for this zone is available to finish. Once that's been done you only need to complete "The Daily Feed" & "A Small Act of Kindness" as they both only give positive amounts of reputation with each faction - on repeat thanks to the three minute cool down of quests.

      *The Dâr Mauzur Line*
    • [112] Ugrukhôr's Loyal
    • [112] Remnants of the Captain's Forces
    • [112] Rational Motives

    [112] Under the Fires of Orodruin* Unlocked through completing Shattered Plateau. Acts as the secondary wrapper quest that progresses a character through the quest arcs of

    *Thorzhaf – Fighter of the Orc Pits* Starts at the goblin outside Thorzaf and in the nearby outpost to the east
    • [112] Think Like an Orc
    • [112] The Waiting List
      • [112] A Small Task
      • [112] Swaying the Match
    • [112] The Pit-Fighter – Day One
    • [A] [112] The Pit-Fighter – Day Two
    • [A] [112] The Pit-Fighter – Day Three

      *Naerband – The Jailhouse of Mordor* Starts with Akhrûn [62.0S, 20.6E]
    • [113] Tales from Naerband
    • [113] The Gates of Naerband
      • [113] Breaking the Chains
      • [113] For the Oppressed
      • [113] Freeing the Nurnhoth
    • [113] Into Naerband
      • [113] Servants of Urudanî
      • [113] The Key to Chaos
      • [113] The Madness of Thraknûl
    • [A] [113] Escape from Naerband

      *Nargroth – Lair of Borangos* Quests start at the Watcher-stone just inside the entrance of Nargroth
    • [113] Playing with Fire
      • [113] Cavern Drakes
      • [113] Fires of Nargroth
      • [113] Nargroth Devoted
    • [113] Seeking Dúrossul
    • [113] Seeking Nargúr
    • [113] Seeking Narthalum
    • [113] The Ancient Ward
    • [A] [113] Borangos the Horror

    [113] Lurking in the Flames
    [113] Drakes of the Ghâshghurm
    [113] Fires of the Ghâshghurm
    [A] [113] Lost Lore of Gorgoroth: Talath Úrui

    *From Watcher-Stone at[58.2S, 16.5E]*
    [112] The Cursed Stone
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    Quote Originally Posted by OMG_PEANUTS View Post

    [*][110] Well-preserved
    Is this a Quest or a Deed?

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    Bump for those just starting Mordor

    Thanks OP for the clear and thorough coverage.

    And the minstrel sang to them……”and they passed in thought out to regions where pain and delight flow together and tears are the very wine of blessedness.”



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